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Winter Camp – Umtanum Creek Hammocking

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go winter camping with a bunch of folks from one of my online hangouts, HammockForums.net. I was a splendid weekend with daytime highs around 35, night-time lows around 15 degrees, and absolutely no cloud cover what so ever. The moon was a couple of days from full and provided so much light at night that a headlamp was unnecessary.

We camped up in the Yakima Canyon just along the Umtanum Creek. A nice little canyon, with a great creek, and a few groves of trees. The hike in was casual with very little elevation gain, and only covered with about 8-10″ of snow, making snowshoes or skis unneeded. I had brought my trekking poles with me, but it turned out the only thing that I used them for was putting my tarp in to “porch mode”.

Being a hammock kinda guy, I have a few, mostly stuff I have made, but this trip I brought with me my PapaSmurf “DangerBird”, double layer hammock, as well as some down quilts from HammockGear.com that kept me warm and toasty through the overnight low temp of about 15 degrees.

PapaSmurf's DangerBird

There was a great group of folks up there with me, and it was nice to finally meet them in person. Here are a few more pics. Hope to see you on the trail.

Image © 2012 Hulk

Areopress coffee from the hammockMy tarp deployed

2012 Washington Hang © 2012 Rodwolfy

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