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Woodsman and the Sea | Why I love my hammock
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Why I love my hammock

Eagle's Nest Outfitters ENO Double Nest in MoabLast week sometime I posted a photo somewhere [on my quickblog] of a bud relaxing in a hammock I lent him, in Moab. Since I posted that I had a bunch of folks email and ask me what hammock that was, and if I like it, and all that jazz.

Long story short; I think that dollar for dollar, that hammockis the best thing that I ever spent money on. It’s perfect in every way. Lightweight, super comfortable, quick drying, roomy. I know I sound like a hammock commercial, but I just love that thing [no I’m not getting paid for this]. I take my hammock with me every where; to the beach, the park, camping [which I don’t do nearly enough, but that’s going to change], and even pop it up in the backyard every chance I get. The boys love it too.

Aidan and Marcos in my Eagles Nest Outfitter double nest hammock
Here’s a post off of the Eagles Nest Outfitters’ blog, which I thought was really funny …

Top 10 Reasons Sleeping in a Hammock is better than a Tent

We all know that hammocks are awesome for a lazy Sunday afternoon nap and setting up alongside your camp at a music festival. But have you ever considered using that same hammock on your next camping or backpacking excursion? Using it in place of the ol’ trusty tent? Here are our top 10 reasons you should opt out of the confines of tent camping and grab up your ENO hammock for the ultimate outdoor sleep experience.

#10 Chances of a wash out in the middle of the night are significantly less in a hammock.

#9 In a hammock, there is no fear of a root or rock going into your back or tooshie.

#8 In a hammock, middle of the night whizzes are a snap – no looking for door zippers, no waking the person next to you, and if you’re skilled enough (and a dude) you probably don’t even have to get up.

#7 The swinging motions in hammocks have been proven to reduce stress, relax the mind and body to a point of meditation, alleviate neck and back pain, and is beneficial for Autistic patients and those diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. What has your tent done for you lately, huh?

#6 In a hammock, you don’t have to sleep uncomfortably close to your buddy who snores like a grizzly and likes to spoon in the morning.

#5 Anyone say set up? Dare to race?

#4 Hammocks leave less trace and impact than a tent.


#2 No one ever got drunk and fell into my hammock crushing it leaving me no place to sleep.

#1 In a hammock, there is no “Dutch Oven” effect after a hearty meat and bean based meal, so let ‘em rip!sleep system

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  • Wilson Placks

    Monday the 3rd of May, 2010 at 12:38 am Reply

    Sweet review! Eno hammocks are the best for sure. I have been using my Eagles Nest for over five years now and it is still going strong. They make some awesome add ons as well!

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