The year in review, a look forward

Last year, at the beginning of this blog, I led with my New Years Resolution, which was to “Be Shiny and Bright”. I think I put forward a really solid effort. I am sure that I left a little to be desired from time to time, but overall I think I did quite well. (feel free to weigh in on the idea, in the comments)

This coming year I have an even more ambitious goal/resolution for myself. I hope to get back to the roots of what I have always romanticized the American male to be: I plan to embody it. I am going to be strong, quiet, respectful, and reliable. I am going to listen better, and more closely, and love my children more openly.

I know that is a tall order, and will take work, lots of work. This needs to be a transformation year for me. I am living as an adult, and still sometimes thinking like a kid (not in the good way), I need to put an end to that. I have very high expectations for myself, and quite frankly, many of those around me too. I hope that you will all help me to live up to my resolution.

I have a few other sub-resolutions:

  • Make a “bucket list”. (No, I haven’t seen the movie, or read the book)
  • Cross at least two things off that list.
  • Figure out how to buy a house … with a plan that less heavily relies on winning the lottery.
  • Stop drinking soda!
  • Start drinking more water.
  • Take at LEAST one of Kate’s Yoga classes.
  • Find more things for this list …

Happy New Year!

Why don’t you put some of your resolutions in the comments?

Love All – D 😉

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