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Woodsman and the Sea | The things I would have missed …
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The things I would have missed …

I had a little alone time today … the boys were hanging out with their cousins and Hong had already gone off to work. We needed a couple of things from the store, and like 2nd nature I grabbed for my car keys off of the entry table. As I tried to nab them they slipped off my finger tips and bounced to the floor, one hop and right into my cycling shoe that was tucked under the table …

It seemed like a sign, a sign that I really didn’t need to take the car, I had oodles of time, no commitments, it was a beautiful day.


As I was slowly meandering down the path, I had one of those super clear moments and started noticing all of the things I would have missed had I been in the car.


I wandered out to Jack Block Park, where on the way in I found three raccoons all of them 3/4s of the way up a chain link fence, face to face with me (separated by said fence), they got startled by my noisy brakes and dropped off the fence and headed back in the direction they came before I could get my camera [phone] out.


Once out at the tip I found this lovely shot of the West Seattle Passenger Ferry making a crossing, and the odd site of a Port of Seattle Policeman jumping from the bow of his patrol boat.


Completely worth taking the two wheels today. 🙂

One of these days I am going to document my commute in to work, just for fun, and those of you readers on the other coast.

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  • dylan

    Wednesday the 13th of August, 2008 at 8:38 am Reply


    I know the feeling. Since I’ve gotten my new touring bike I’ve discovered all kinds of trips that can be improved by taking the bike instead of the car.

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