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Woodsman and the Sea | The result of not paying attention
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The result of not paying attention

I had every intention of not mentioning this every again, but Jake reminded me that this is something other people might learn from so …

Okay, so as I’ve been told by my very knowledgeable friend, everyone who has a roof rack, and a bicycle, has done this, or will do this someday, so it was just my time. That made me feel a little better, but not much.

I popped my bicycle and the trailer for the boys up on the top of the Mini, got the kids in the car, and proceeded to try to head over to Queen Anne, where the boys and I were going to join Rebecca on her inaugural ride on her new road bike. You may remember that Bek was in a pretty bad accident a year of so ago, and this was not only her first ride on a road bike since that accident.

Anyway, I popped my bike, up on the roof on the Mini and proceeded to back out of my parking spot, just as I was shifting back into a forward gear … there was a horrible crash …




I managed to smack my bike right into the building … and ripped the roof rack clear off the roof. Tore the weather stripping off, carved up some plastic, and dented the roof.

There wasn’t much to do. I swore a little, and then moved the boys to Hong’s car (along with bike and trailer), and we headed off to join our friends. The damage isn’t really as bad as I first thought it was, the dent is pretty real, but might pop back out, and I think I can install the rain gutters, assuming I can get the local mini dealer to sell me the parts … live and learn.

Love all -D 😉

  • Cody

    Sunday the 24th of August, 2008 at 6:02 pm Reply

    aaaaahhhhh dude. That’s horrible. Not a good week for our mini’s. You win the “lets fuck up our nice cars this week” contest. Sorry man. 🙁

  • Hong Nguyen

    Wednesday the 27th of August, 2008 at 6:58 pm Reply

    Accidents are preventable……

  • Gary

    Monday the 20th of October, 2008 at 1:47 pm Reply

    I feel for you brother! I found your post just to see if anyone else had done the same thing I just did. It’s make you feel really bad. I just bought a new 08 Cooper S with the factory bike rack. I’m an avid MTB’er and ride several time weekly…well last week I cleaned out the 3rd garage so I could start pulling in the mini…and with never having a roof rack in my life…came home yetserday afternoon from an epic superfast ride only to rip the whole thing off pulling into the garage. It’s just habits and not paying attention. I’ll take the bone head plaque from you until someone tops me.

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