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Woodsman and the Sea | The Great Outdoors
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The Great Outdoors

Yeah, finally, a picture of all of us.

Feeling a little claustrophobic, and deciding that the inclement weather around here, wasn’t going to bother us. Hong, the boys and I, were joined by Thuha, Justin, Sara, and Dylan; and took an outing to NW Trek, a wildlife park about an hour an a half from us. The weather apparently decided to agree with us today, and the rained stayed away for the most part. We first went on a tram ride through what they call the “free” area, 500 or so acres of free range NW wildlife. We had a great time. Saw all sorts of creatures (you can find pictures of most of them here). The park also has a captive wildlife (aka zoo) as well, where we saw some bears, cougars, wolves (my personal favorite) and a few other critters.

Love All -D 😉

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