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Woodsman and the Sea | Team CarboRocket 2010
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Team CarboRocket 2010

First things first, I’d like to congratulate all of the members of the 2010 Team CarboRocket. I have no doubt that you will overcome your obstacles and kick butt in the names of all of those who applied.

Here is Team CarboRocket for 2010 in no particular order and 5 men and 5

1. Drew Darnel
2. Christine McBride
3. David Visschedyk
4. Lisa Serao
5. Jeremiah Prater
6. Mary Reynolds
7. Rob Thompson
8. Jen Joy
9. Brett Ringger
10. Sheryl Sturgess

To read the full story of how Brad narrowed down the field of over 150 applicants check out his blog post. I got a DM on twitter this morning that said I had made it into the final 12 (a HUGE honor by the way.) but as described on Brad’s post …

I still had over 12 men with equal qualifying scores so it came down to a dart throw on my part for the men.

… and I didn’t make it passed the dart throw (which seems like it would have been obvious, my name isn’t cut out for darts … now if there had been a sword fight …) Unfortunately, for Brad, his message left a little sliver of hope for me to cling to, and I decided to mount a small scale social media blitz on him. Thanks to my twitter and facebook friends, who threw at least 20 or so messages to him, encouraging him to put me on the team. Alas, it seems for now, I’m going to be just a supporter.

So what does having my hopes and dreams crushed not being included on the team right now mean to my effort?

Stay tuned … I’m just getting started.

It’s going to hopefully end up better than it did for this guy.

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