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Woodsman and the Sea | TCR – Week 2 Kathleen Turner Overdrive
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TCR – Week 2 Kathleen Turner Overdrive

One of my favorite movies is High Fidelity. I love how quirky and weird it is in places, and I guess I really like the idea of having a dialogue with myself. This first week as an esteemed member of Team Carbo Rocket, I’ve felt a little like Jack Black’s character in the movie, Barry. Near the end of the film, there is a place where he is talking to a crowd of folks about how his band is in transition …

“We’re not called Sonic Death Monkey anymore, though, ladies and gentlemen. We might be on the verge of becoming Kathleen Turner Overdrive. But tonight, we are … BARRY JIVE AND THE UPTOWN FIVE!”

The image of what each of those bands conjures up [at least in my head] couldn’t be farther from one another. Now on to the point: I’m in transition, and I don’t know what to call myself at the moment, and it is quite disconcerting.

Last week my goal was adding intentional exercise to my lifestyle, and although my plan feels ridiculously accelerated, I’m on to the next week, and therefore the next goal: Eat less, eat better. I decided to give my body a little preview last week … and stuck to it much more than I had actually expected myself to. I had given it a bunch of thought. I figured I’d be on “program” for more than half the week, and with that I would feel pretty good about it. Surprisingly, I crushed it, only one day where I took in more than 1650 calories. Now I know, what you thinking. You’re thinking, “Dartanyon, you need to feed you machine.” And that’s true, the problem is of course, my machine is fat, and slow, and needs to get skinnier, before it can get efficient.

So … week one -7lbs … 307.5. Lookout, I’m on a mission

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