A little familial updating …

So there have been several requests from family members for some ideas on what to get for the boys this year for the holidays. If you are not getting the boys anything … feel free to stop reading now …

We have some Amazon wish lists going … You certainly don’t have to buy from them, but it should give you some ideas.

Marcos’s Holiday Wish List

My Amazon.com Wish ListIn addition to the things on his Amazon List, he also expressed interest in Naruto Toys, Ben10 Toys, Pokemon PLUSH Toys, and for any locals … a hermit crab (although, I am taking care of “his” fish currently …)

Aidan’s Holiday Wish List

My Amazon.com Wish ListIn addition to Aida’s List he likes LEGOs! (Star Wars), and Spy Gear.

If for some strange reason you would like to buy me something, you can take a look at my list in the side bar … as for Hong … if you think of some … would you let me know, I could use some ideas ….Love all.
D. 🙂

My Amazon.com Wish List


Hong has added her wish list too!