Blogging about blogs

So, I don’t ususully do much in the way of reposting other people’s content … but that being said.  Boss Man posted a blog entry about wanting to get some ideas for some new reads … which, of course led to a whole series of comments.  Most of which are blogs that I either, already subscribe to, or have looked at and sorta keep on the back burner, but are not in my top 40.  But this blog I found really interesting: TED Ideas worth Spreading Particularly because of what was on the top of their blog; this article.

Habits of happiness: Matthieu Ricard on TED.com

What is happiness, and how can we all get some? Buddhist monk, photographer and author Matthieu Ricard has devoted his life to these questions, and his answer is influenced by his faith as well as by his scientific turn of mind: We can train our minds in habits of happiness. Interwoven with his talk are stunning photographs of the Himalayas and of his spiritual community. (Recorded February 2004 in Monterey, California. Duration: 21:06.)