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Woodsman and the Sea | Swedish Summer Cabin [my weekend cabin]
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Sommarnojen KS-30

Swedish Summer Cabin [my weekend cabin]

The fine folks at Somarnöjen [Summer Fun] in Sweden are building a line of pre-fab summer cottages. Designed by Kjellander + Sjöberg architects, these are beautiful, minimalist examples of Scandinavia architecture, and I want one. Well, actually I want to build my own version of it. The same “livable shed” concept I have been working on in my head now for some time. I have a dream of a backyard [or maybe some tiny spot of land] escapist cottage very similar to what these guys have dreamed up. [MORE]

Definitely have a look around their site. The KS-30 is their smallest model at 30 Square meters, and they have units up to 120 square meters. All gorgeous.

Sommarnojen KS-30 Floor Plan

Sommarnojen KS-60

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