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Woodsman and the Sea | Summer Streets
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Summer Streets

This Bike to Work/School Month has not gone so well thus far. On the days when I had the time to bike the weather has been a major disappointment, and on the days that it was nice out I undoubtedly needed to use the car.

Luckily one of my very favorite summer events is coming around again, this time with a new name. What was formerly car-free days (now summer streets) has got it’s calendar for the whole summer up online.

I really love the idea of having some sort of permanent street system that truly allows for pedestrians and bicycles to feel safe. I am sure it stems from the people paths (that if I recall correctly actually allowed for cars, but made darn sure they were going slow), that meandered through the cottages next to one of my childhood homes in Shawnee, PA. I also recall with great fondness the little central business district up in Ithaca, NY that converted to a no car zone …

Without further reminiscing here are the details from the Seattle Climate Action Now Site.

2008 Car Free Days

Walk. Bike. Shop. Play. Breathe. City streets are being opened for people to have fun, celebrate the spirit and personality of their community and support local businesses. Each event is organized by a local organization. Because Celebrate Summer Streets are community driven events, they can be whatever you want. Ride a bike, skateboard and play music, and get to know your neighborhood businesses.

Read the City’s press release about Summer Streets.

Visit a Street Near You

This year the city is supporting art walks, farmer’s markets, parades, fundraiser 5K Walk/Run events and more by expanding these local events to include Seattle Summer Streets.

From April through September 2009, be sure to check out the following Summer Streets celebrations:

Join the Celebration

In addition to attending Summer Streets events, there are many ways you can get involved:

Browse photos from 2008 Summer Streets


Find out answers to your general and resident and business-related questions.

Contact Us

For more information on Celebrate Summer Streets, please email us.

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