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Woodsman and the Sea | Seattle Summer Streets – Alki
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Seattle Summer Streets – Alki

One of my favorite events when we used to live on Alki was the Car Free Days [now called Summer Streets], I’ve written about it before here and here. Walk. Bike. Shop. Play. Breathe. On Sunday, May 23 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Alki Avenue SW from California Way SW to 63rd Avenue SW is being opened up to pedestrians and cyclists. Basically they shut down the roadway to cars, and give the streets back to walkers, bikers, hop scotchers, and anyone who wants to use them. I’ve seen block parties, and lemonade stands, yard sales, and temporary parking space gardens. It’s a great program, and one of my favorite events on Alki. I hope if you are around town you’ll come ant and join the boys and I pedaling up and down the Ave.

Have a look at the official site here.
You can even “like” the idea on Facebook.

Images from Alki Car Free Days 2008

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