Post Holiday Doldrums

I don’t know if this happens to any of your families, but it happens here.  I think it is along the same lines of the post vacation thing.  The ideas of going back to work, and to school are beginning to set in.  The euphoria of the holiday begins to wain.  The presents aren’t shiny and new any more.  Not that anyone has lost appreciation for what they received and the thoughts and feelings that were exchanged, but they have all lost a little luster.

Marcos is already talking about what he wants for his birthday, and it’s in the middle of February.  Everyone has forgotten to be nice, not naughty.

So, I say this; I implore you all; to hold the love of a week ago dear to your heart, because you never know what tomorrow brings, and as far as most of us know … this is the only life we’ll get.

Love all -D 😉

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