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Woodsman and the Sea | Planting the Seeds of Compassion
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Planting the Seeds of Compassion

Seeds of Compassion Conference SeattleThe Seeds of Compassion is “An unprecedented gathering to engage the hearts and minds of our community by highlighting the vision, science, and programs of early social, emotional, and cognitive learning.”

We were able to take in one of the events at Qwest field on Saturday, with the key presenter being his holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. It really could not have been a more beautiful day in Seattle, 79 and sunny, not a cloud in the sky. For about an hour the Dalai Lami spoke of how we can each add more compassion in our own hearts and minds, and that by feeling this and promoting it, we could begin a global change.

Hong and I were both very enraptured in what he was saying (not to mention I think he is the funniest darn spiritual leader in the world, cracking jokes at every opportunity). The boys were perhaps a little less interested, but I think seeing how many people (50,000 or so at this one event) came to listen to his holiness gave Marcos an appreciation for what was being talked about … and Aidan … well … he really enjoyed his hot dog. Perhaps compassion is so ingrained in a four year old, that he has no need to hear about it.

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