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Woodsman and the Sea | Of bikes, record days, and good friends
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Of bikes, record days, and good friends

This has been a really great week end for my soul. Everything about it just seemed to feel pretty good. Maybe it was that the April showers finally broke into May flowers, I don’t know.

Friday was “Bike to work & school” day here in Seattle. It was at the end of bike to work week, and dead smack in the middle of bike to work month, so I don’t know how much emphasis one can really place on it. That being said way back when I thought about riding more often, I kept saying that I would ride to work on this day. So I did. It was a glorious day, beautiful whispy clouds, just the right temperature, an all around a perfect day. I had my brain set for a great commute, and the only thing that slowed me down was really the tons of extra people on bikes … but I digress, the reason I mention bike to work day is not to take note of my own personal milestone, but that of a good friend and co-worker of mine, Rebekah’s. Last summer she was in a pretty bad bike accident, and up until Friday Rebekah had not been back on her road bike. She had been around on some cruisers and such, but it’s not really the same thing. Well … Friday morning she got back on the “horse”, and I’m really proud. As if I didn’t have enough inspiration, now I have more.

Saturday brought record breaking heat to the Northwest and with it all of the crazies came back to the beach in full force. I do love living here, I just love it more in the winter. It was such a beautiful day though, that even through the motorcycles revving up, and the bass of speakers thumping I had to just sit back and be happy that it was so nice out.

Sunday has really been my kinda weather, I’m not a big fan of anything over 80, and it’s just perfect right now. You might think that with Hong at work, and the boys at Grandma’s for a little bit, that I would be out enjoying the sunshine, perhaps on two wheels, or maybe just taking a nap in the light breeze … you’d be wrong. I spent the afternoon cleaning out a basement. Now, as any of you who have been to my house know, I have no basement. So what’s going on you may ask? Well here is the point of my Sunday. Helping friends is good. My good friends Jake and Rebekah, were helping our good friend Jill move some stuff out of another friend’s basement. I lamented helping them this morning, thinking that I really needed a little “me time” this afternoon. I eventually came to my senses though and went over to help out. I just think it is so great to be able to help out your friends when you can. It makes them feel better, because they know they have friend they can count on. It makes me (you) feel better because … well it just does. Not to mention the work gets done in less time, making everyone feel better. I think that my “me time” was spent doing the exact right thing for me … helping my friends!

Love all -D 😉

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