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Woodsman and the Sea | Now that’s what I call brand loyalty
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Now that’s what I call brand loyalty

So this story has been floating around the blog cycles the evening, and i just thought that the end result was so contrary to typically corperate policy, that it was worth mentioning …From: The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs :

Check out this story. A guy’s Powerbook burst into flames under his bed and nearly killed him. Fire department was called, apartment ruined, guy had to move into a hotel for a while. He calls us up, we send him a MacBook Pro, and he goes away happy. Money quote: “The funny thing is, a Mac almost killed me, and I came out of the whole experience feeling more strongly about Apple as a company.” Now that is loyalty. Yes, Apple faithful, you are truly a unique customer base. And we are sooooo glad to have you. Really. I mean it.

Crazy, really. Worth the read.- Love all. 😉

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  • Mamasita

    Friday the 19th of October, 2007 at 10:15 am Reply

    I love my MacBook too! It catches on fire??!!

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