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Woodsman and the Sea | My Stepfather’s in Prison – Ivies vs. Inmates
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My Stepfather’s in Prison – Ivies vs. Inmates

So my stepfather recently spent some time in prison …

… playing chess, or at least organizing chess. John (previously mentioned step-father) brings members of the Princeton University Chess Club, to play the maximum security inmates at the Trenton State Pen.

I personally think it’s awesome, but I am sure other will have other opinions. This year the event really made all sorts of news: everything from the Huston Chronicle, to the Trentonian, (a little snippet of the article)

Afterward, John Marshall of Ewing, who with his wife Osa kindly took on the $1,500 sponsorship of the tourney after Benecard dropped out in 2006, took all six students — the others included Cameron Myhrvold’s twin brother Conner, and Sudeep Dashi of London — back out of the prison to sweet freedom and off to Princeton for lunch.

Here he is on New Jersey Public Television.

And here is the AP’s coverage, no mention of John, but a little more video, because I know what junkies you all are.

Checkmate John, Great Job!

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