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Woodsman and the Sea | More Italian Adventure
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More Italian Adventure

Duo … Well really I should pick up right where I left off. I headed back down to my site. It hadn’t rained in a couple of hours, and I was feeling pretty good about my camp. It was a few degrees cooler than I had planned for, but lets face it, I’m pretty well insulated. I hopped into my bag and passed out, partly due to exhaustion, partly due to the vino. I really expected to be out until morning.

As I have mentioned previously, I’m re-hashing some tales from the summer in order to feel better about the fact that I have neglected my blog all season long, before I get into new content.

Ponte Vecchio

Around 1AM, I woke up … freezing. I had actually shivered myself awake. The temperature had dropped 15 more degrees and it was raining cats and dogs. This went on for the whole night. I’d sleep about 30 minutes and then be shaking so bad I’d wake back up. I had dug out a few more shirts and pulled some more insulating things out of my pack that I could lay on. Eventually, I managed to put together a good couple of hours of sleep. Just passed first light I headed to the showers. Mostly to get warm, but also because I hadn’t showered in days.

I swung my feet out of my cacoon, planted them on the ground, stood and promptly fell in a complete failure of my lower legs. They were cramping so bad I actually started swearing aloud. My previous day’s hiking and lack of food had taken it’s toll. I laid on the muddy ground for a spell and waited for it to pass, trying to stretch the muscles out as best I could. I eventually regained the ability to stand and walk all be it, still cramping. After a rediculously long shower, I felt 1000 times better.

The sun had come out, and it was warming up. I stopped at the caffe and got a couple of esspressos and a bite to eat. It had been my intention to leave camp set up here, and go down into Florence to explore, however after nearly 3 sleepless nights I decided that I wasn’t going to leave my chances of a good nights rest to the weather. I decided to let my camp dry out a bit and pack up. I took a lovely stroll around the top of the hill, while the sun did it’s thing to my drenched gear. Upon bidding the caretakers farwell I headed back to Fiesole, the hike back being so much nicer once I knew where I was going [downhill was nice too] I wandered the little hamlet for the morning; ruins, museo, square, all beautiful. I stopped for a panini and some vino, before catching the bus back to Florence.

Palazzo Michelangelo

After a very long, wet walk up to Palazzo Michelangelo, the view was still breathtaking, even though much of the city was lost in rain drops

Walking around Florence, with my pack on began fine, but I started looking for a hotel that might be cheap and had a room for the night, to drop my gear. Eventually finding a nice spot near the center of town I paired down my kit to best enjoy the sights. I spent hours walking the streets, seeing the sights, playing tourist, taking photos, but mostly just enjoying Italy. The sun was low in the sky by the time I made it back to my hotel. I took a little nap in the light of the setting sun streaming in my window. I rose again around 9:30 hungry as a bear just waking for spring, I went out hunting for a perfect meal. It didn’t take me long to find it. Hours later, satiated and perhaps a bit tipsy from too much wine, I took to the streets again.

Florence at night is as beautiful as it is in the light of day. Finially finding my hotel again, I plunked down for the night slightly wishing I was still camping up on the hill since it was warm and dry. My windows open I drifted off to sleep. Around 4AM, I was truly glad I had chosen to spend the night indoors when I had to close the shutters because it was raining so hard. I slept peacfully for hours more … [PS no one is more surprised than I am that I am thumbing this all out on my iPhone.]

Florence at night

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