Macklemore: Wings

One of my favorite Seattle Hip-hop artists pushed out a new video yesterday. The video is really well put together and a fine example of another of my recent obsessions, Kickstarter. If you’re not familiar with it, follow the link and go check it out.

Since I was around the first time we put it on film at one of Chase’s Songs For Eating and Drinking dinners a couple of years ago, I thought I’d link to that video too, just to show y’all how far it has come.

Check out more Macklemore at www.loveandshowstings.com, and his myspace. Of course you can buy the single on iTunes.

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  • sita

    Sunday the 24th of July, 2011at7:09 am Reply

    I didn't know you liked hip hop…………..Good story. I enjoyed an image of his life and a slice of yours.

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