Long Overdue

I was sitting here this morning thumbing back through some recent photos. Looking out into the overcast day, allowing my memory a little freedom, I quickly recalled that none of this summer’s events have managed to make it to my often neglected blog. I am going to spend the next couple of posts going on about some of this past summers high points and low points, but in the meantime, a brief summation …

Since my last post about 139 days ago I’ve been sipping scotch in the Italian country side, been run over by a dodge ram, been camping in the north cascades, watched the boys dig clams from the hood canal, spent a few nights hammock camping with a view of Florence, taught the wee one to ride a bike, helped friends celebrate a few new unions, & spent more hours in a chiropractors office than I care to remember.

There have been ups and downs, as I am sure there have been in all your lives, but if I’m going to make it up to my blog, I’m going to have to start writing these things down.

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