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Woodsman and the Sea | LIVESTRONG Challenge 2010
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LIVESTRONG Challenge 2010

The Seattle LIVESTRONG Challenge Ride is a mere 6 months away. I’ll be taking part again this year. And to be honest, I couldn’t be more excited; more nervous; more proud; and more honored. More excited, because it feels good to do good. To raise money to fight a horrible thing like cancer, to get in good enough shape to push my clydesdale self 100 miles. More nervous, because last year, I got to that 100/70 mile split sign, and just couldn’t force my body to turn down the 100 mile path. More proud because I am part of the greatest LIVESTRONG team. And finally more honored because I ride not just for myself but for my grandfather, who fought cancer to his last breath.

2009 LIVESTRONG Challenge | Seattle

Last thing first …

IIf you’d like to skip the story and just throw money … please just click here, to donate at my LIVESTRONG page.

On to the story then …

I am a proud member of “Team Fatty”. Especially fitting since I am a pretty fat guy myself. Last year team fatty raised the MOST money for LIVESTRONG, not that I had much to do with it, but those of you who donated last year, certainly did. As you probably know by now, Elden “The Fat Cyclist” Nelson, is sort of my bicycle unicorn. A perhaps, normal guy, whom I have elevated to mythical creature status in my head. Fatty, and Team, recently raised $100,000 (no, not a typo) in 56 hours for LS, and World Bicycle Relief. I couldn’t be more proud of my team. Real money, for a good cause (two good causes, actually). Read all about it over at the if you’d like more of the backstory.

As I mentioned, last year, I got to the route marker where the 70 milers turned back towards Seattle and the 100 milers charged up another long hill. By that point in time I had ridden about as far as I had ever ridden. I was tired, beat, and was realizing how tragically out of shape I am. The tank was empty and all I could do was think about the number of miles, feet, no … inches, until I could throw my broken body to the ground. This year is going to be different. This year I am going to cruise by that route marker with a smile on my face, and gas in the tank.

Message from ScottLast year, I really dragged my feet getting ready for the ride … about half way through, I remember thinking to myself … “self, what a wasted opportunity you have here”. I had gathered donations from all of these wonderful people (that’s you guys). I had gotten in pretty good shape, I was riding for a good cause.

I had been getting words of encouragement and advice from my compadres the whole day, and aside from by body feeling totally shot, I remember feeling … good. Good on the inside. The kind of good that stays with you, and makes you want to feel it again. So when I discovered the LS was coming back Seattle again in 2010. I knew I had to be part of it again.

This year I’ve got new goals … Longer ride, the full 100 miles. Raise more money … I’ve got a $1,000 as the goal on my LS site, but what I am really hoping to see is $5,000. I have no idea how I am going to make it happen, but I really am going to try.

So far these are really good reasons to be riding … but my best reason is Sture Mossberg, my morfar. His fight with cancer ended on April 5th 1994.

Sture Mossberg

The little blonde guy in the front is me, wasn’t I cute? He passed away when I was 17. He was a pillar in my family. Father to 3 children, who brought his family over to the US from Sweden in the 50s. He loved fishing. He loved his family. He loved his wife. As a point of fact he bought her fresh flowers every Sunday, every Sunday. He was a stand up guy, the kind of guy that I hope I’ll end up being in the long run.

I miss him. I don’t think about him every day, but, when I do … I think I might feel him … thinking about me.

So if I’ve persuaded you that parting with five, ten, twenty, even one hundred dollars, for a good cause is something you want to do, than please head over to my LIVESTRONG page and donate.

Thanks. Fight like Morfar. Fight like Susan.
Sture's Family

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