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Woodsman and the Sea | L o n g days
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L o n g days

Hiya all,

Just popping in to say hello. I have to say that I am sorry to not have posted anything in a while. I have been working ridiculous hours lately! So long! 20 hour days sometimes. Well worth it, being that we knocked the socks off our clients, but the schedule went something like 6:30am – 2:30am several days in a row. Weekends came and went, and I almost forgot what every one in my family even looked like.

We (the crew) got well past the point of tired, and through delirious, right up to the point of cracking … but we somehow got together, dug in our heels and powered through. The pic on the top is of Cody, looking crazy tired.

Just wanted to say hi, and offer a little excuse of why you haven’t heard from me in while.
Love all 🙂 D.

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