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Woodsman and the Sea | iPhone hype | updated
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iPhone hype | updated

UPDATE 9:18AM One Day Later —–

The iPhone is EVERYTHING I hoped it would be, accept for one thing …. It is actaully smaller and more beautiful than I thought. I will leave the reviews to the people that actually do those things, but know, that I REALLY like mine!

Here are some media links ….

My Flickr Photos

UPDATE 5:17PM —–

Everyone is starting to get up and out of their seats …. I have some nice video to upload….

UPDATE 1:29PM —–

So far … let me see … we have gotten free coffee from Apple, Free Vitamin Water from Apple, free choclates from Fran, free lifesavers from MacS.O.S. and free cobbler from Starbucks. It 1:30, there are now about 160 people in line ….

UPDATE 8:35AM —–

We are officially numbers 66 & 67.

UPDATE 8:05AM —–

So …. Cody and I are nuts … We are sitting in front of our local Apple Store. We ARE going to wait 10 Hours to get our iPhones … Best part, not only getting for at no cost to us … but, getting paid to be here! I LOVE my job.

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