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Woodsman and the Sea | I’m in the weeds
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Getting back to my cycling goals - Shooting from the rough

I’m in the weeds

I’m in the weeds …

Off the reservation, got voted off the island, fell off the wagon …

Nearly any analogy that you can think of about being off the program … I’m on it.

One thing about having a goal so far away is, it affords me the time to get back on the right path; the downside is I feel like I have the time to be on the wrong path … which I don’t, not even for a single day.

I suppose one of the nice things about shooting from the rough is that it’s pretty easy to see the green. I should get off the golf analogies, I like golf, but this is a cycling post [actually scratch that, I don’t like golf, I like walking around really well kept lawns and drinking beers with my buds]. So, what’s got me off track? Well work, kids, home, wife, time, the universe, life. I realize that excuses are not really helping me [but I am going to take this opportunity to make some anyway.]

Getting back to my cycling goals - Shooting from the rough

I’m pretty much a classic stress eater, and the last 20 days have been classically stressful. My darling better half ran off to Vietnam took a trip to Vietnam to see her ailing grandmother. Along with her, went her parents, and a sibling or 2. Essentially my kids’ entire support structure. That left 2 boys, me and some saintly family friends to try to keep a couple of wild [in the best possible ways] boys’ lives as close to normal as possible. It moved my wake up time about 45 minuets earlier, so that I could get 2 little monkeys [instead of just my usual 1] ready for school. Drop the big one off at his school, and the little one off with one of the fore-mentioned saintly friends. Zip as fast as the law will allow across town to get to work on time … zip back across town to pick the boys up from which ever saintly friend has them that night. Dinner. Big one’s homework. Little one’s homework. Walk the dog. A few needed medical things. Reading time. Then about 9:30 … I can sit down and do my homework, which is just the work that I couldn’t get to at work-work, follow that up with some “home” work [that being the work that doesn’t have anything to do with work-work, just side projects really]. Walk the dog again, and off to get 5 hours sleep before I do it all over again. So, stressed? Why, yes thank you, just a little, around the edges.

Eating right … ehhhhh. Better than 6 weeks ago, but probably not as good as 3 weeks ago. Exercise you ask. I’ve been managing to squeeze some time on the trainer in there from time to time, but the better half comes back on Friday, and I can’t wait to feel the wind in my hair again.

\\ Climbing back on the wagon.

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  • photobby

    Thursday the 22nd of April, 2010 at 4:12 pm Reply

    You can probably see the green from the rough because there are so many people in the rough with you. It's good to be in the weeds from time to time. It's helps the enjoyment of hitting it down the middle. Or something like that. I don't golf. So there you go..


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