I got to play with one before you, the Nikon D90

The Nikon D90

Yes! It’s true, and now months after it actually happened, I am permitted to talk about it. We (my co-workers and I) received a whole big bunch of Nikon D90s a couple of months ago. We basically each had a camera, and took a whole bunch of pictures testing the thing out. You can read the full on details over on Chase’s Blog, and watch the super sweet video that Cody put together.

We had a really great time playing with these things. They were amazing cameras! It even had a HD video mode! The quality when shooting at really high ISOs, was fabulous. You should definitely hop over to the gallery and check out the photos of the camera.

You can also see all of us starring in the Nikon Website (www.chasejarvisandfriends.com). That’s right folks we’re international super-stars 😉

  • Jake

    Wednesday the 27th of August, 2008at11:08 am Reply

    show off! = ) just kidding…that’s pretty awesome, dude! how did you keep it a secret??

  • Dartanyon

    Wednesday the 27th of August, 2008at11:22 am Reply

    Well buddy, keeping it a secret was backed up by an iron clad NDA, the threat of being fired, and further sued. 😉

  • Murdo

    Wednesday the 27th of August, 2008at12:11 pm Reply

    Hi Dartanyon,

    You mentioned on the Youtube comments that Ai/Ais lenses work in video mode. I just wanted to double check because I couldn’t find it in Nikon’s specs. I have a great collection of old manual glass including a 35mm PC and would love to try video with them. Looks very cool.

  • Dartanyon

    Wednesday the 27th of August, 2008at1:31 pm Reply

    Yes. The video mode will work with the Ai/-s lenses. Obviously it will not focus or meter, but in the “Live View” mode (Which is where video are initiated) you can see both the focus and exposure on the LCD. Here is the link to the Nikon Lens Spec page for the D90

  • Murdo

    Wednesday the 27th of August, 2008at6:49 pm Reply

    Excellent. I have never pre-ordered a camera before, but I am considering it for this one. Thanks.

  • Hong Nguyen

    Wednesday the 27th of August, 2008at7:01 pm Reply

    Do you believe that the VR feature is really that helpful on such a short lens, and if so how many stops did it buy you??

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