Holiday Cheer

Life.  Who knew it had so many twists and turns.  Certainly, I had been told of them, but never fully appreciated the idea of them.  I’ve taken on a little side gig at an anonymous retail location.  With the intention, primarily, of topping off the coffers prior to the holiday season.  It’s a good time.  My year long hiatus from the retail world was greatly appreciated, but rarely is it that you can find a faced paced environment with that sorta of brainless activity that come from a  retail position.  Not to say that retail doesn’t require any brainpower, not at all, but in my position, my head can sorta “check out” and take a little break.

My duties thus far have involved moving things from here to there, and often back again.  Finding things in the maze of excess that the anonymous retail store  (hear by referred to as the ARS) calls it’s stock room.  General niceties to the general public (aka. clients).  I don’t mean to sound cynical, I am really not trying to be.  It is great fun, when it’s busy, and things are hopping, a little tedious when it’s not busy, but fun overall.

Side benefits:

  1. Good discount (not that I can afford much in this place.) 
  2. Friendly (honest to gosh friendly) co-workers
  3. Super-smokin’ hot boss lady (one of them anyway)

Love All.  -D 😉 

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