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Woodsman and the Sea | Happy Mother’s Day!
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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother\'s Day!
Happy Mother’s Day Mamasita!
Happy Mother’s Day Darling!
You guys are both fabulous mom’s! I was so lucky to have one growing up, and the boys are so lucky to have one now. Hat’s off to the endless patience, and everlasting smilies you bring to your kids. None of us deserve you 😉

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  • mom

    Tuesday the 13th of May, 2008 at 12:44 pm Reply

    Hi Tan – Thanks for the greeting and kind words. I checked your site several times during the day on Sunday just in case you posted something. Just on a whim, I checked again today (I needed a break from work)….and there it was. You must have done it late. I also got your call-thanks.

    Love, Mamasita

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