Bridgedale Socks

Geeking out … over socks?

Over socks you say? As it turns out, I have the innate ability to geek out over anything. I’m one of those guys that when I want to do something, I feel compelled to dive really deep in to it. As an aside I was just having this very conversation with a friend of mine, The Bikehugger, about how he is a bike geek, and is really delving into photography, and I am a photo geek really delving into bikes. Not necessarily into all of the little technical facts, but how they make me [us] feel.

Bridgedale Socks

The subject of today’s geek out: SOCKS. I am sure that there are tons of amazing socks out there, but it seems that there are far more crummy ones. I spent most of my life wearing whatever hanes specials were on sale at the local big box store, until a few years ago. That’s when I discovered Smartwool, and life was grand, for a while. But I’m not a small guy and I’m pretty hard on my kit, and my smartwools started wearing through. Enter Thorlo, and all was right in the world again. Those socks were tough and warm, but heavy and thick, and after a while I went searching for something better. Down I went into the rabbit hole that is gear & tech and all things socky. I learned about coolmax, and wool, and bamboo, and lycra. Then I discovered bridgedale. My feet are in heaven!

I know how it sounds … to be so excited over some socks, but really a long day out on the bike, or even a long day assisting Chase in the snow can be made into a horrible experience if your feet are uncomfortable the whole time. I have certainly developed some of my favorite styles of the bridgedales. For everyday socks I love the bamboo lo socks, the perfect combination of cool & dry from the coolmax mixed with the soft and comfy of the bamboo. When I’m headed out doors in the winter it’s usually to trek around in the cold, either by bike, or foot, or it’s to stand around for hours on end and support a photoshoot. Durning the latter, it’s really hard to stay warm, not much moving around, and my feet used to get cold, fast. I finally found the bridgedale endurance trekker socks, and it completely change the way I felt durning the course of a photoshoot. I’m looking forward to trying out some socks in the “Fast & Light” category come summer, but until then I know that my feet are going to be warm and comfortable all winter.


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