From the road …

I always have mixed feeling about being away from home. On the one hand it is certainly nice to get out, and see the world, be amongst friends. Of course the flip side is that I mis my family. Luckily, or maybye, unluckily, I don’t have to do it that often, so it is usually an enjoyable experience. I managed to get myself out of Aspen a little early today, in the hopes that I would be home in time to tuck the monkeys into bed. Being away from the boys really makes me appreciate them so much more. (Talk to me in a couple of days, and see if I still have any patience left). As for the lovely and unprecidently joyful Hong … the truth is I miss her, and the little bits that I often find myself thinking are going to drive me crazy are the same little things I miss the most. I suppose that I have to learn to live with missing them. And continue to try to make the most of the opportunities I have. So I will sit here in the Denver airport and try to beg my way on to an earlier flight … wish me luck.Oh, by the way … The job in Aspen went GREAT and we (mostly Chase, but here is to the team) made some amazing photographs.Over Aspen

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  • Mamasita

    Friday the 19th of October, 2007at10:24 am Reply

    An adventure, even apart from the ones we love, can be a good thing. We have so much more new to share when we are together again.

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