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Woodsman and the Sea | Firefox Anyone
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Firefox Anyone

I am not sure how many of you reading this are of the geeky type, but If you are … ignore this post, because you probably already know. Firefox is the coolest web browser out there …

First of all … tabs. Do you like looking at multiple things at the same, or nearly same time? Do you think that have a bunch of windows open is annoying or silly. Get Firefox. A bunch of tabs just across the top of you ONE window !

Second, Themes, Add-On, and all of that stuff. No doubt VERY customizable. Change you mood, change your theme, it’s just that easy.

Lastly, and the inspiration for the post. This morning I found out that you could actually open multiple tabs as YOUR HOMEPAGE ! Just put a | inbetween two web address, and viola, done. Everytime you open firefox get a few tabs that are your favorite things. So Cool!

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