Fighting Cancer

Today is Yesterday was World Cancer Day, and it seemed like a fitting day to have a “better late then never” launch of my LiveStrong Challenge participation.

For those of you not familiar with the LiveStrong Challenge it’s the main event fundraiser for the Lance Armstrong Foundation’s fight against cancer.

There is a ride in Seattle this year (as well as San Jose, Philly, and Austin), so I decided to put my butt in the saddle for a much longer ride than I am used to to try to raise some money for a very worthy cause.

I’m desperate for help from you though …. I have faith that I can pedal that far (training to ensue soon), but I need all my friends and family (heck, even strangers) to sponsor me.

Please, Go to my LIVESTRONG Page and donate. Anything you can, anything at all.


I am riding in honor of my grandfather, my morfar, he died of cancer several years ago, and I remember thinking then that I wished there was more I could do. This is what I can do today, and I am hoping that you can join me in my fight!
My Morfar

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