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Woodsman and the Sea | Fight Cancer With My Bike Idol, Fatty
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Fight Cancer With My Bike Idol, Fatty

So, in the beginning of this year, around when I decided I needed to do something more for my weight, and health, and happiness, I started reading all sorts of Biking blogs. As I usually like to do when I have an interest in something; I devour any and all pieces of information I can get my hands on. One of the blogs I came across then was called the Elden, better know as “Fatty” became my instant bike idol. Here was this fat guy, back on his bike; wife, kids, wicked sense of humor. I just enjoyed every word.

Not long after I started reading his blog, his wife’s cancer returned, and it was bad. We all know people affected by cancer … My Grandfather died of cancer, my good friend Jake’s mom is fighting cancer even as I type this, and now Fatty’s wife, Susan, is fighting it too. Now, If Hong got cancer, I could only imagine, that I would probably stop writing this blog … and Fatty slowed down on his a bit, but then … then he came back, and although, he is still often witty, and funny, he is incredibly honest, RAW, genuine, and just plain GREAT.

Now to the cancer fighting part … I’ll let you read the details over on Fatty’s blog post, but essentially CLICK HERE to contribute to Mike’s LiveStrong Challenge effort, and get entered to win the REALLY NICE bike. (Knowing most of you don’t want a new bike, you can go ahead and give it to me, where I promise that if I win it, I’ll auction it off, and give all of the money to the LiveStrong Foundation)
Love All, -D 😉

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  • Jake

    Tuesday the 17th of June, 2008 at 10:49 am Reply

    Yo D!

    Looks like all of your traffic swamped Fat Cyclists’ servers! They are down as of now…hopefully they are up soon.

    Great posting…thanks much…

    Be well–

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