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Woodsman and the Sea | Fatty needs our help
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Fatty needs our help

Many people who read my blog, or know me, have heard me talk about The Fat Cyclist. I have often referred to him as my bike idol, my virtual guru. Seemingly trying to find fitness and health, through cycling and having some similar hurdles to me, aka kids and utter lack of time.

I rode in the Seattle Livestrong challenge this year to help show my support for Elden’s (Fatty’s) wife, Susan, who has been battling cancer.

Elden has managed to let all of his fans & friends in on his life in such a way, that leaves me speechless and choked up reading his last few days of posts. See, Susan is not doing well right now.

I am hoping that you will go over to his blog, and show him and his family any support that you can. Leave a comment, or just read, but please send him whatever good vibes and prayers that you can.

Fatty I am willing you all the strength that I have. You are in the thoughts and prayers of myself and my family.


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