The Beauty of Design: BUILD

In case you’re new to my blog, or me in general, I am a huge design fan. Good, clean, warm, Scandinavian design. The fine folks at BUILD LLC, whom I a proud to call my friends, had a documentary short about them released today that I’m hoping you’ll take 7 minutes or so to watch. Today is a special day for the Swedish half of my family, and some of what the build guys talk about, reminds me of some of the feelings I have about my Mormor & Morfar’s house in Eugene, OR. The warmth that not only came from the people who in habited the space, but the space itself. Vast majorities of their furnishings came with them from Sweden.

The footage dives into some of BUILD’s favorite projects, allows them to speak about their design philosophy, and gives a peek at some projects that influence them. Also check out their blog [one of the great Architecture blogs out there]

Have a look.

Macklemore: Wings

One of my favorite Seattle Hip-hop artists pushed out a new video yesterday. The video is really well put together and a fine example of another of my recent obsessions, Kickstarter. If you’re not familiar with it, follow the link and go check it out.

Since I was around the first time we put it on film at one of Chase’s Songs For Eating and Drinking dinners a couple of years ago, I thought I’d link to that video too, just to show y’all how far it has come.READ MORE

RC Flying over a Winter Wonderland [Wordless Wednesday]

These guys [BlackSheep] are pretty awesome. Flying camera equipped RC planes at nearly 70kph and at a distance that sometimes approaches 3km. That’s impressive, and when you are dealing with your own hard earned cash, probably a little more risky then flying one of the government’s drones.

They’ve also got a “ground recording” showing you what the pilot is seeing. Just nuts-o. So impressed that they can get that quality of video back to the controller. [MORE]READ MORE

Wordless Wednesday

So there is a bit of a movement out there to get content up, when you really don’t have anything to say … and I’ve decided to join it. I’m going to try to participate in “Wordless Wednesday”. My plan is to put up some random picture that I have taken in the last week, usually with no words. I’ve clearly already broken the first rule of wordless wednesday, by putting words on this post, but I thought it was necessary …

4th Grade Houligans