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Woodsman and the Sea | The Series of Tubes
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Fight Cancer With My Bike Idol, Fatty

So, in the beginning of this year, around when I decided I needed to do something more for my weight, and health, and happiness, I started reading all sorts of Biking blogs. As I usually like to do when I have an interest in something; I devour any and all pieces of information I can get my hands on. One of the blogs I came across then was called the Elden, better know as “Fatty” became my instant bike idol. Here was this fat guy, back on his bike; wife, kids, wicked sense of humor. I just enjoyed every word.

Not long after I started reading his blog, his wife’s cancer returned, and it was bad. We all know people affected by cancer … My Grandfather died of cancer, my good friend Jake’s mom is fighting cancer even as I type this, and now Fatty’s wife, Susan, is fighting it too. Now, If Hong got cancer, I could only imagine, that I would probably stop writing this blog … and Fatty slowed down on his a bit, but then … then he came back, and although, he is still often witty, and funny, he is incredibly honest, RAW, genuine, and just plain GREAT.

Now to the cancer fighting part … I’ll let you read the details over on Fatty’s blog post, but essentially CLICK HERE to contribute to Mike’s LiveStrong Challenge effort, and get entered to win the REALLY NICE bike. (Knowing most of you don’t want a new bike, you can go ahead and give it to me, where I promise that if I win it, I’ll auction it off, and give all of the money to the LiveStrong Foundation)
Love All, -D 😉

Really Cool Art

Alright, so if you follow this blog, or know me at all, I usually have a small amount of contempt for performance art. I don’t know why, or to what extent, I just do. That being said this is really cool. Scott (from CJ), showed this to me the other day, and I am quite sure it has made the rounds on the internets a bunch, but I am also sure some of you (mom) didn’t see it, and would really enjoy it. You can check out many other of their efforts at

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

“good” computer time

If you are anything like me, you think most hours spent in front of the glow of an LCD monitor, are hours well spent. I understand the occasionally need for exercise or food, or blinking, but lots of those things can be replaced by a really good, but odd series of you tube videos …

However, when using the computer as a learning tool, or automated baby sitting, hours upon hours of games, are probably not that good for a four year old, and a nearly (the 15th) ten year old. I give you ….

Education, Helping other, Feeling good … all wrapped up in 20 grains of rice. Go ahead, give it a click, you know you want to.

Love All -D 😉

Blogging about blogs

So, I don’t ususully do much in the way of reposting other people’s content … but that being said.  Boss Man posted a blog entry about wanting to get some ideas for some new reads … which, of course led to a whole series of comments.  Most of which are blogs that I either, already subscribe to, or have looked at and sorta keep on the back burner, but are not in my top 40.  But this blog I found really interesting: TED Ideas worth Spreading Particularly because of what was on the top of their blog; this article.

Habits of happiness: Matthieu Ricard on

What is happiness, and how can we all get some? Buddhist monk, photographer and author Matthieu Ricard has devoted his life to these questions, and his answer is influenced by his faith as well as by his scientific turn of mind: We can train our minds in habits of happiness. Interwoven with his talk are stunning photographs of the Himalayas and of his spiritual community. (Recorded February 2004 in Monterey, California. Duration: 21:06.)   



I have funny friends

Black Daisy Will Make You Laugh, but They’re Not Comedians

Lisa Cloutier



Black Daisy DVD Release Party

w/Patton Oswalt’s Werewolves & Lollipops CD/DVD release
Mon July 9, Chop Suey, 8 pm, free, 21+.

oltage Periscope, Seattle’s nu-metal heroes, have a slick new video on their MySpace page. Lead singer Byron “the Siren” Sexton, braided goatee dangling six inches off his chin like a noose, wails, his vocals cracked and hurt, “All this time and pain are bearing down on me!” Rapper Tyson Bates takes over: “This democracy is a hypocrisy! The world is changing? Yeah, just grab my cock and see!”

The music is so ferociously dumb, it’s funny.

“Rap metal is just how we express ourselves artistically,” Sexton scowls, blowing Marlboro fumes. “I don’t care if it’s popular or not. What are you, a hipster?”

Then he laughs and says, “Can we start over?”


iPhone hype | updated

UPDATE 9:18AM One Day Later —–

The iPhone is EVERYTHING I hoped it would be, accept for one thing …. It is actaully smaller and more beautiful than I thought. I will leave the reviews to the people that actually do those things, but know, that I REALLY like mine!

Here are some media links ….

My Flickr Photos

UPDATE 5:17PM —–

Everyone is starting to get up and out of their seats …. I have some nice video to upload….

UPDATE 1:29PM —–

So far … let me see … we have gotten free coffee from Apple, Free Vitamin Water from Apple, free choclates from Fran, free lifesavers from MacS.O.S. and free cobbler from Starbucks. It 1:30, there are now about 160 people in line ….

UPDATE 8:35AM —–

We are officially numbers 66 & 67.

UPDATE 8:05AM —–

So …. Cody and I are nuts … We are sitting in front of our local Apple Store. We ARE going to wait 10 Hours to get our iPhones … Best part, not only getting for at no cost to us … but, getting paid to be here! I LOVE my job.

What’s the deal with RSS and why you should be using it

What is RSS? A description in plain English.

A wise blog reader once said, “There are two types of Internet users. Those who use RSS feeds, and those who don’t.” It’s true. Once you grasp how useful RSS feeds are, it changes the way you keep updated online.

The problem is, if you aren’t already in the know, no one seems able to clearly explain what RSS is all about. Most descriptions becomes so convoluted that it leaves the uninitiated more lost than they started.

That’s why I love this simple, unassuming 3-minute video. With a whiteboard, a pen, and a fun casual style, Lee LeFever does the best job I’ve seen describing RSS in easy plain English.

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Firefox Anyone

I am not sure how many of you reading this are of the geeky type, but If you are … ignore this post, because you probably already know. Firefox is the coolest web browser out there …

First of all … tabs. Do you like looking at multiple things at the same, or nearly same time? Do you think that have a bunch of windows open is annoying or silly. Get Firefox. A bunch of tabs just across the top of you ONE window !

Second, Themes, Add-On, and all of that stuff. No doubt VERY customizable. Change you mood, change your theme, it’s just that easy.

Lastly, and the inspiration for the post. This morning I found out that you could actually open multiple tabs as YOUR HOMEPAGE ! Just put a | inbetween two web address, and viola, done. Everytime you open firefox get a few tabs that are your favorite things. So Cool!

New Site

The new site is coming along swimmingly. I have decided to go with this slightly different blogging format in order to facilitate uploading entries from anywhere. Hong says that as long as she can see the picture, she doesn’t care what software I use.