More Italian Adventure

Duo … Well really I should pick up right where I left off. I headed back down to my site. It hadn’t rained in a couple of hours, and I was feeling pretty good about my camp. It was a few degrees cooler than I had planned for, but lets face it, I’m pretty well insulated. I hopped into my bag and passed out, partly due to exhaustion, partly due to the vino. I really expected to be out until morning.READ MORE

Italian Adventure

As I mentioned, in a desperate search for some content, I’m going to hash up some of my summer adventures for you to read. You can stop reading now if you are one of my facebook friends, and already saw my posts from Italy in June.

I was ridiculously fortunate to be able to travel to Italy a few months ago. My friends Jake & Silvia were launching their new tour company [Alchemy Tours] and needed the help of a smart guy who could take photos, since they couldn’t find anyone respectable, they took me instead at a really good rate.READ MORE

L o n g days

Hiya all,

Just popping in to say hello. I have to say that I am sorry to not have posted anything in a while. I have been working ridiculous hours lately! So long! 20 hour days sometimes. Well worth it, being that we knocked the socks off our clients, but the schedule went something like 6:30am – 2:30am several days in a row. Weekends came and went, and I almost forgot what every one in my family even looked like.

We (the crew) got well past the point of tired, and through delirious, right up to the point of cracking … but we somehow got together, dug in our heels and powered through. The pic on the top is of Cody, looking crazy tired.

Just wanted to say hi, and offer a little excuse of why you haven’t heard from me in while.
Love all 🙂 D.


heello world … it feels like its been a while since I’ve posted. It’s been a c • r • a • z • y week! We’ve been shooting in Palm Springs for the last few days. My darling had saved up a few airline miles, and by sheer coincidence Alaska was having a milage sale allowing fewer miles for a ticket, so she was able to join us.

She had a great time, lounging poolside at the Viceroy, walking the town, and even managed to talk our stylist out of his rental car for an afternoon, to make a pilgrimage to the outlet mall …

I was working most of the time, keeping up with Chase and Scott can take a lot out of a guy, but I still had a great time!

I have discovered the importance of mixing a little sunshine into the notorious Seattle’s sunless winters.

Here are a few of Hong’s select shots.

Poolside at the ViceroyThe gardensFountainViceroy


Aspen is very beautiful.  No doubt, a little pretentious around the edges, but what would you really expect from a town where a 299 sq ft condo is selling for a mere $999,000.  We’ve found a really nice place to stay, great location, sorta late ’70s early ’80s vintage, but really quite nice none the less.  The crew all rolled out this morning at 7:30AM, and I have the house all to myself for a bit.  Which is good, because I am used to a certain amount of silence in my life, usually found in the wee hours of the morning, laying next to my sleeping beauty.  But, for this trip I am bunked in with Cody and the peace and quiet not only gives me a chance to get ready for the onslaught of technical work to be done this afternoon and this evening, but just to sit and enjoy a coffee on the deck.-Love All. 😉