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Woodsman and the Sea | Family
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It never fails, at least it hasn’t yet …

September rolls around, my birthday, favorite weather, the start of another school year, … and … a cold. Every single time Macros starts school, I get sick with in a week, and this year with Aidan and Marcos headed off to learn … I am already sick. They’ve been back at school for 3 days … and I’ve gone through an entire big box of tissues in the last 12 hours … argh.

We demand …

There were a great many themes that I really latched on to in Obama’s speech last night. Several threads resonated with me. This morning I had an email in my box from We Can Solve It I thought this was an awesome, non-partisan video that lit a little fire under my butt, and hopefully yours too.


Alki Car-Free Day – Won’t you come join me?

So when I first heard that Alki Ave might be closed one day in the summer to all car traffic, I was thrilled! So now that there is a date and time, and even a map, and a website. I invite you all to come over to our house on Sunday the 7th between 12-6PM, just make sure you come by bike, or foot, because your car can’t get here!

Let me know if you’re stopping by!

Love All -d 😉

Upcoming Birthdays …

Okay, so I promised Marcos that I would remind everyone that Aidan’s birthday is a week away, and that he keeps an up to date Amazon Wish List (as we all do, in case you were curious).

My Wish List

Now, I told him that I would put up a link and remind everyone, but beyond that I made no assurances what else I would say … and on that note …


I know that some people like to give toys, and if you like to, or it is easier because you are far away, or can’t think of anything or whatever your reason may be, please go ahead and get him a toy. However, we are trying to shift to an all “experiences” philosophy when it comes to gift giving.

(not our actual toy collection)

People who have garage sales are nuts …

I have been known to occasionally search out some garages sales, especially the ones where I might find neato old bikes. But Hong decided we had too much stuff. Not really even we had too much stuff here, but actually too much stuff at her parents house. I’m not quite sure why that concerned her that much, but it did, and at some point in time I got coaxed into helping out (code for doing everything 😉 )

Now, I do think that going to garage sales can be fun. But I now think am totally sure that having a garage sale, is sort of being like tourtured in a mid-century Chinese prison. We got home and every one passed out … totally.

love all -D 😉

Summer Interruption

I hate to interrupt all of our fabulous summers with talk of schools already, but I figured that’s it’s really sort of a cloudy, gray, almost ugly, morning; that it would be alright to bring it up.
Anyone who has had an education conversation with me knows, that I feel pretty passionately about a great many things in this arena. I am hoping that you will click the above link and tell your local elected officials why education is important to you and what we can do to help get it moving in the right direction.

A rediculously long way to go for a hotdog …

So noon came a long on Sunday, and I was hungry for a hot dog. The thought crossed my mind to just hop in the car and zip up to Safeway, but I decided to ask Hong if she wanted to join me in a bike ride down the the waterfront, and grab a dog from the Frankfurter. She thought it was a great idea, and we hopped on our bikes and rode the 8 miles. After downing a yummy lunch, Hong said, hey we should ride to Fremont and see if there is anything good at the market. So we pedaled our way over another 4 or so miles over to Fremont via the Ballard Bridge. After taking a peak at the market we decided to bounce over to my office to fill up our water bottles. When we got there Hong said, let’s ride to Marymoor Park, the end of the Burke Gilman Trail . I said, “no way”, but she talked me into at least giving it a go … 10 or so miles later, we decided to head back for home. Managed to rack up about 45 miles via pedal power. Woo Hoo. That was a yummy hot dog. (click on the image for the interactive map)

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother\'s Day!
Happy Mother’s Day Mamasita!
Happy Mother’s Day Darling!
You guys are both fabulous mom’s! I was so lucky to have one growing up, and the boys are so lucky to have one now. Hat’s off to the endless patience, and everlasting smilies you bring to your kids. None of us deserve you 😉

Planting the Seeds of Compassion

Seeds of Compassion Conference SeattleThe Seeds of Compassion is “An unprecedented gathering to engage the hearts and minds of our community by highlighting the vision, science, and programs of early social, emotional, and cognitive learning.”

We were able to take in one of the events at Qwest field on Saturday, with the key presenter being his holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. It really could not have been a more beautiful day in Seattle, 79 and sunny, not a cloud in the sky. For about an hour the Dalai Lami spoke of how we can each add more compassion in our own hearts and minds, and that by feeling this and promoting it, we could begin a global change.

Hong and I were both very enraptured in what he was saying (not to mention I think he is the funniest darn spiritual leader in the world, cracking jokes at every opportunity). The boys were perhaps a little less interested, but I think seeing how many people (50,000 or so at this one event) came to listen to his holiness gave Marcos an appreciation for what was being talked about … and Aidan … well … he really enjoyed his hot dog. Perhaps compassion is so ingrained in a four year old, that he has no need to hear about it.

Big Ol Bunny

Seems like the Easter Bunny found his way to our location. It was really super swell of him to bring a whole big heaping bunch of sugar to two boy who were virtually trapped in an 8×10 foot sound enhancing chamber. Other than the side effects of a ten our sugar high, everyone seems to be doing quite well.

Love all -D 😉

Thanks to all …

Those who know us, know that Marcos under went some pretty serious surgery today. I, we, all wanted to say thank you so much for all of your warm thoughts and well wishes.


(That is his “fake” smile, by the way.)

Love all, seriously -D 😉

A weekend respite

The family, and I mean nearly the whole family piled into there respective cars and headed south to Seaside, OR. We were joined by Hong’s sisters Anh, and Thuha, and their significant others; Dung and Justin, and the cousins David, Sara, and Dylan. We needed a little mini break holiday.

Click here, or on the image for the gallery.

Love All -D 🙂

Political Prisoner

At the close of today’s much contested debates in OH, RI, TX, and VT, I thought that I would share some pictures from Aidan’s first rally. I am sure that he felt a lot more like a prisoner than a supporter, but what can I say, he’s four … Barack was here on February 8th, the day after Hillary. Our political ad siege here in Washington was all of about 36 hours long.

In addition I would like to say congrats to my grandfather for getting his TV back, now that the ads are off the air. I guess that means he’s no longer a prisoner either …

-Love All -D 😉