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Woodsman and the Sea | Cycling
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The result of not paying attention

I had every intention of not mentioning this every again, but Jake reminded me that this is something other people might learn from so …

Okay, so as I’ve been told by my very knowledgeable friend, everyone who has a roof rack, and a bicycle, has done this, or will do this someday, so it was just my time. That made me feel a little better, but not much.

I popped my bicycle and the trailer for the boys up on the top of the Mini, got the kids in the car, and proceeded to try to head over to Queen Anne, where the boys and I were going to join Rebecca on her inaugural ride on her new road bike. You may remember that Bek was in a pretty bad accident a year of so ago, and this was not only her first ride on a road bike since that accident.

Anyway, I popped my bike, up on the roof on the Mini and proceeded to back out of my parking spot, just as I was shifting back into a forward gear … there was a horrible crash …




I managed to smack my bike right into the building … and ripped the roof rack clear off the roof. Tore the weather stripping off, carved up some plastic, and dented the roof.

There wasn’t much to do. I swore a little, and then moved the boys to Hong’s car (along with bike and trailer), and we headed off to join our friends. The damage isn’t really as bad as I first thought it was, the dent is pretty real, but might pop back out, and I think I can install the rain gutters, assuming I can get the local mini dealer to sell me the parts … live and learn.

Love all -D ūüėČ

The things I would have missed …

I had a little alone time today … the boys were hanging out with their cousins and Hong had already gone off to work. We needed a couple of things from the store, and like 2nd nature I grabbed for my car keys off of the entry table. As I tried to nab them they slipped off my finger tips and bounced to the floor, one hop and right into my cycling shoe that was tucked under the table …

It seemed like a sign, a sign that I really didn’t need to take the car, I had oodles of time, no commitments, it was a beautiful day.


As I was slowly meandering down the path, I had one of those super clear moments and started noticing all of the things I would have missed had I been in the car.


I wandered out to Jack Block Park, where on the way in I found three raccoons all of them 3/4s of the way up a chain link fence, face to face with me (separated by said fence), they got startled by my noisy brakes and dropped off the fence and headed back in the direction they came before I could get my camera [phone] out.


Once out at the tip I found this lovely shot of the West Seattle Passenger Ferry making a crossing, and the odd site of a Port of Seattle Policeman jumping from the bow of his patrol boat.


Completely worth taking the two wheels today. ūüôā

One of these days I am going to document my commute in to work, just for fun, and those of you readers on the other coast.

iPhone’s a buzz, and car free fridays

Morning all,

Don’t have a lot to report on this morning, as I am buried in my iPhone App store menu! Lot’s of nifty apps out there, and I am sure that I will have more to say about that soon. I wanted to remind everyone that, at least in my world, it’s another Car Free Friday. I also wanted to let everyone that there is some cool new stuff in the technology world happening, and that there are going to be some really nifty new features on the blog soon ….

Love all -D ūüėČ

(BTW, If you have an iPhone, and have never gone to this site on it, you really should, it’s super cool.)

Fight Cancer With My Bike Idol, Fatty

So, in the beginning of this year, around when I decided I needed to do something more for my weight, and health, and happiness, I started reading all sorts of Biking blogs. As I usually like to do when I have an interest in something; I devour any and all pieces of information I can get my hands on. One of the blogs I came across then was called the Elden, better know as “Fatty” became my instant bike idol. Here was this fat guy, back on his bike; wife, kids, wicked sense of humor. I just enjoyed every word.

Not long after I started reading his blog, his wife’s cancer returned, and it was bad. We all know people affected by cancer … My Grandfather died of cancer, my good friend Jake’s mom is fighting cancer even as I type this, and now Fatty’s wife, Susan, is fighting it too. Now, If Hong got cancer, I could only imagine, that I would probably stop writing this blog … and Fatty slowed down on his a bit, but then … then he came back, and although, he is still often witty, and funny, he is incredibly honest, RAW, genuine, and just plain GREAT.

Now to the cancer fighting part … I’ll let you read the details over on Fatty’s blog post, but essentially CLICK HERE to contribute to Mike’s LiveStrong Challenge effort, and get entered to win the REALLY NICE bike. (Knowing most of you don’t want a new bike, you can go ahead and give it to me, where I promise that if I win it, I’ll auction it off, and give all of the money to the LiveStrong Foundation)
Love All, -D ūüėČ

Two wheels, no gas.

I ended up having to part with my bike at the end of last year, and it really made me sad. I spent most of the winter longing for a new ride. I think it shows how much I really miss motorcycling, and before you go on about how “dangerous” it is, I obviously know that, which is why I am lusting after a bike … sans motor.

Anyway, though, a series of failed yard sale attempts, botched craigslist connects, and various other “find cheap bike” methods; I have finally come upon a very nice new ride. New to me anyway. Precisley 24 years new. It’s a 1984 Centurion, and perhaps the best looking bike that I have ever laid eyes on. Classic Japanese lugged steel, by no means light, but oh so smooth. It of course came with some slightly beat up (keep in mind the 24 year old thing) parts, but thanks to my good friend who works for an un-named bicycle company (tip of the old hat to him, for setting me up) I was able to address the safety bits, and now have a really ridable, lovely, NEW bike!

So, last week, with my new trusty steed under my but, I ventured out with the commuting bikers of Seattle. Leaving the house at about 7:15 on a very chilly Thursday morning for my first commute to our Wallingford office. 11 miles one way. It was awesome! The ride home left my back side a little sore, but I can’t wait to be doing it every day. I save $2.48 per day in gas, and nearly 14lbs of CO2 won’t be emitted by my car. (You can look up your savings here.)

Love all. D. ūüėČ

Another Timeless Weekend

And when I say timeless, I mean, I can’t remember where the time went.¬† I spent all day Saturday playing with Hong and the boys.¬† It’s the first Saturday all of us have been home in 8 weeks.¬† It was so nice just to have everyone together, with no where to be.¬† It was a must needed “reset”.¬† Sunday was spent at the A.R.S. (see my previous post) 13 hours.¬† Did I say 13 hours?¬† Oh, yes, I did.¬† Geeze … that’s a long time … somewhere around 11 hours, I finally passed that point where you are so tired, that your body goes into survival mode and you suddenly have boundless energy … and that turned up meaning that there was no way I was going to fall asleep last night.¬† Oh well.

Holiday Cheer

Life. ¬†Who knew it had so many twists and turns. ¬†Certainly, I had been told of them, but never fully appreciated the idea of them. ¬†I’ve taken on a little side gig at an anonymous retail location. ¬†With the intention, primarily, of topping off the coffers prior to the holiday season. ¬†It’s a good time. ¬†My year long¬†hiatus¬†from the retail world was greatly appreciated, but rarely is it that you can find a faced paced¬†environment¬†with that sorta of brainless activity that come from a ¬†retail position. ¬†Not to say that retail doesn’t require any brainpower, not at all, but in my position, my head can sorta “check out” and take a little break.

My duties thus far have involved moving things from here to there, and often back again. ¬†Finding things in the maze of excess that the¬†anonymous¬†retail store ¬†(hear by¬†referred to as the ARS) calls it’s stock room. ¬†General¬†niceties¬†to the general public (aka. clients). ¬†I don’t mean to sound cynical, I am really not trying to be. ¬†It is great fun, when it’s busy, and things are hopping, a little tedious when it’s not busy, but fun overall.

Side benefits:

  1. Good discount (not that I can afford much in this place.) 
  2. Friendly (honest to gosh friendly) co-workers
  3. Super-smokin’ hot boss lady (one of them anyway)

Love All. ¬†-D ūüėȬ†