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Woodsman and the Sea | Brothery Love
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Brothery Love

Wow, what a perfect title for today’s entry … Dylan, my brother for those who don’t know, just wrapped up a whirlwind weekend here in Seattle, from Atlanta. We had a grand old time hanging out! On Saturday we went to a local string shop, he’s a violin maker. Dylan got to chatting with some of the folks over there (and even manged to talk them into selling his instruments). One of the things he was talk to them about was the state of orchestras in this country, and had mentioned by name the Philadelphia Orchestra. Well Dylan left today … and nearly right on cue, this article was brought to my attention about that very same orchestra … brotherly love, and and the orchestra from the city of brotherly love … Dylan I had a great visit, wish it could have been longer.

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  • Hong Nguyen

    Friday the 21st of September, 2007 at 4:35 pm Reply

    I had a wonderful time as well. Why is it though that when you spend time with the ones you enjoy and love that the time goes by so quickly?

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