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Woodsman and the Sea | Beautiful Architecture
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Beautiful Architecture

Everyone knows of my particular affinity for the nations most popular building material, and a new record has been set.The tallest lego tower
A shout out to the folks at for bringing this to my attention:

<<< Yeah, I think this can also pass as a “geeky thing”. I mean you’d need to at least have firm grasp in structural engineering, materials engineering & physics. This lego tower was built by a team in the Legoland Windsor theme park in the U.K. of 500,000 LEGO bricks, and stands at just about 100 feet high (beating the old record by about 4 feet). Why was this built, you may ask. Well this tower is to honor Lego for it’s 50-years of fun. The first lego set was distributed in the early 50’s, and to date remains one of the strongest toy sets worldwide. Who would have thought it would survive the challenges of new toys and technology. In my book, nothing beats Lego.>>>

I do love my legos …

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  • mamasita

    Thursday the 15th of May, 2008 at 5:56 am Reply

    I have boxes full – do you want them?!

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