“good” computer time

If you are anything like me, you think most hours spent in front of the glow of an LCD monitor, are hours well spent. I understand the occasionally need for exercise or food, or blinking, but lots of those things can be replaced by a really good, but odd series of you tube videos …

However, when using the computer as a learning tool, or automated baby sitting, hours upon hours of games, are probably not that good for a four year old, and a nearly (the 15th) ten year old. I give you …. freerice.com

Education, Helping other, Feeling good … all wrapped up in 20 grains of rice. Go ahead, give it a click, you know you want to.

Love All -D 😉

Washington State Has a Caucus And A Primary? Why Both? What’s a Caucus Anyway?

So I was wondering what the whole deal was, with having a caucus and a primary, and went out looking … I found this great explanation from one of my favorite local geeks. Vanessa Fox.

Washington State Has a Caucus And A Primary? Why Both? What’s a Caucus Anyway?: “

This is a post in two parts. First, a few words about marketing, and then, an answer, once and for all about Washington state’s primary and/or caucus situation. A couple of days ago, I mentioned that a great search engine optimization tactic is to provide useful information about what searchers are looking for. I know, it seems obvious, but it’s so simple that I think it can sometimes be overlooked. I noted that I did a search to find out the primary schedule for each state and I didn’t find a good result until #13. I suggested that political sites (candidates, activist groups, news organizations…) should figure out what their core audience might want to know and then create content for it. I gave a few examples in an article I did over at Search Engine Land about the use of the internet in this year’s election season.


Sanislo Carnival

It was a few weeks ago, but in lieu of having anything new to post, I thought that I would post a little shout out to the Sanislo PTA Carnival. Take a look at some of the photos and have a read.

Sanislo Winter CarnivalSanislo Winter Carnival.


heello world … it feels like its been a while since I’ve posted. It’s been a c • r • a • z • y week! We’ve been shooting in Palm Springs for the last few days. My darling had saved up a few airline miles, and by sheer coincidence Alaska was having a milage sale allowing fewer miles for a ticket, so she was able to join us.

She had a great time, lounging poolside at the Viceroy, walking the town, and even managed to talk our stylist out of his rental car for an afternoon, to make a pilgrimage to the outlet mall …

I was working most of the time, keeping up with Chase and Scott can take a lot out of a guy, but I still had a great time!

I have discovered the importance of mixing a little sunshine into the notorious Seattle’s sunless winters.

Here are a few of Hong’s select shots.

Poolside at the ViceroyThe gardensFountainViceroy

The Great Outdoors

Yeah, finally, a picture of all of us.

Feeling a little claustrophobic, and deciding that the inclement weather around here, wasn’t going to bother us. Hong, the boys and I, were joined by Thuha, Justin, Sara, and Dylan; and took an outing to NW Trek, a wildlife park about an hour an a half from us. The weather apparently decided to agree with us today, and the rained stayed away for the most part. We first went on a tram ride through what they call the “free” area, 500 or so acres of free range NW wildlife. We had a great time. Saw all sorts of creatures (you can find pictures of most of them here). The park also has a captive wildlife (aka zoo) as well, where we saw some bears, cougars, wolves (my personal favorite) and a few other critters.

Love All -D 😉

The year in review, a look forward

Last year, at the beginning of this blog, I led with my New Years Resolution, which was to “Be Shiny and Bright”. I think I put forward a really solid effort. I am sure that I left a little to be desired from time to time, but overall I think I did quite well. (feel free to weigh in on the idea, in the comments)

This coming year I have an even more ambitious goal/resolution for myself. I hope to get back to the roots of what I have always romanticized the American male to be: I plan to embody it. I am going to be strong, quiet, respectful, and reliable. I am going to listen better, and more closely, and love my children more openly.

I know that is a tall order, and will take work, lots of work. This needs to be a transformation year for me. I am living as an adult, and still sometimes thinking like a kid (not in the good way), I need to put an end to that. I have very high expectations for myself, and quite frankly, many of those around me too. I hope that you will all help me to live up to my resolution.

I have a few other sub-resolutions:

  • Make a “bucket list”. (No, I haven’t seen the movie, or read the book)
  • Cross at least two things off that list.
  • Figure out how to buy a house … with a plan that less heavily relies on winning the lottery.
  • Stop drinking soda!
  • Start drinking more water.
  • Take at LEAST one of Kate’s Yoga classes.
  • Find more things for this list …

Happy New Year!

Why don’t you put some of your resolutions in the comments?

Love All – D 😉

Post Holiday Doldrums

I don’t know if this happens to any of your families, but it happens here.  I think it is along the same lines of the post vacation thing.  The ideas of going back to work, and to school are beginning to set in.  The euphoria of the holiday begins to wain.  The presents aren’t shiny and new any more.  Not that anyone has lost appreciation for what they received and the thoughts and feelings that were exchanged, but they have all lost a little luster.

Marcos is already talking about what he wants for his birthday, and it’s in the middle of February.  Everyone has forgotten to be nice, not naughty.

So, I say this; I implore you all; to hold the love of a week ago dear to your heart, because you never know what tomorrow brings, and as far as most of us know … this is the only life we’ll get.

Love all -D 😉

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas to One and All

We had a GREAT Christmas!

Thank you to all who helped us celebrate.Thuha and Justin came over on Christmas Eve Eve, they were headed out of town down to Cali, so we raised a glass of cheer a little early.

Beautiful Christmas Eve

On the actual eve, it was a gorgeous day. So we went for a little walk on the beach. We were joined by Swan in the evening and exchanged gifts.


On the morning of, we got up w a y too early, and opened our gifts. Santa was quite good to all of us!

To look at our holiday photos, click on the picture above.

visions of an insomniac

I’m in the midst of another night of insomnia.  It’s the wee hours of the morning.  I actually appreciate these nights, they don’t happen too often that they worry me.  I am sure that they are stress related, but I don’t see them that way.  Often what accompanies these late nights is a bit of a vision.  I am sure it’s all in my head, but I am often overcome with a clear sense of time (I swear this isn’t drug induced).  An understanding of mortality.  I feel both child-like and ancient at the same time.  It’s not like a feeling of being scared of death, but of truly understanding where I am in time.  I can remember my goals from when I was young.  I can see where I turned down the wrong path, and where I took the right one …  

I just can see it all; beginning, middle, end. It’s very strange, and peaceful, and yes, okay, maybe a little wierd.

Luckily there is a Run’s House marathon on.Time to veg.Love All -D 🙂 

20 years of sunsets

20 or so years ago, sitting with my meme (that’s grandmother for those of you not in the know), and Dylan, perched 25 feet or so above Sandusky Bay, my meem said to us, “I love sunsets.  Will you boys do something for me?”  We both immeadiately said yes.  She said, “Will you think of me, everytime you see a sunset?  No matter where you are, no matter where I am?”

Over the years, I have developed an affinity for sunsets.  I have my favorites … not always the vibrant and full sunsets.  Sometimes it’s the “quiet” sunsets, I like the best.  The ones that only have a fleeting moment of rare beauty.  I often stop as the light begins to fade whereever I am, and look west.  Looking for that moment of mysterious light, the one that inspires calm, and peace.  Invariably, I think of my meem.I have seen thousands of sunsets, all over the map, and I have always thought of my meem. 

She may not know that I am thinking of her, but I am.  I know she is thinking of me too.

I gotta go call her.Love All.  D  🙂


The Photos …

Hello world, last night we exercised our photography muscles … there was a request from the family to take some christmas photos … We had a great time.  A bucket of KFC, a couple of pizzas and a camera … goodness gracious.  If you have the time and desire, you really should spin through them, there are some hilarious pictures.
The Grinch

Really kinda proud …

I guess I need a tag for touting my own horn … but if anyone reads this blog, I hope that you take a moment to go on over to a site that I made, and maintain, and more than that, am really proud of. www.sanislo.org  Using wordpress and flickr we have a great site that serves our community of school parents and children. I love this site, it’s so much fun to try our new things and feel good about putting something nice back out to the community.

Point? Give back where you can. Do something, anything, but give back. It will always come back to you 10 fold.

Love All. -D 🙂

Wacky Weather

There has been some really wacky weather going on here in the NW. On Saturday we ended up with 3.5″s of snow or so, and then Sunday and today, we have been getting pounded with rain, and now wind. Not that you needed to know all of those things to appreciate the purpose of this post, which was to point out some new photos of the boys playing in the snow …

Winter Wonderland