The things I would have missed …

I had a little alone time today … the boys were hanging out with their cousins and Hong had already gone off to work. We needed a couple of things from the store, and like 2nd nature I grabbed for my car keys off of the entry table. As I tried to nab them they slipped off my finger tips and bounced to the floor, one hop and right into my cycling shoe that was tucked under the table …

It seemed like a sign, a sign that I really didn’t need to take the car, I had oodles of time, no commitments, it was a beautiful day.


As I was slowly meandering down the path, I had one of those super clear moments and started noticing all of the things I would have missed had I been in the car.


I wandered out to Jack Block Park, where on the way in I found three raccoons all of them 3/4s of the way up a chain link fence, face to face with me (separated by said fence), they got startled by my noisy brakes and dropped off the fence and headed back in the direction they came before I could get my camera [phone] out.


Once out at the tip I found this lovely shot of the West Seattle Passenger Ferry making a crossing, and the odd site of a Port of Seattle Policeman jumping from the bow of his patrol boat.


Completely worth taking the two wheels today. 🙂

One of these days I am going to document my commute in to work, just for fun, and those of you readers on the other coast.

Upcoming Birthdays …

Okay, so I promised Marcos that I would remind everyone that Aidan’s birthday is a week away, and that he keeps an up to date Amazon Wish List (as we all do, in case you were curious).

My Amazon.com Wish List

Now, I told him that I would put up a link and remind everyone, but beyond that I made no assurances what else I would say … and on that note …


I know that some people like to give toys, and if you like to, or it is easier because you are far away, or can’t think of anything or whatever your reason may be, please go ahead and get him a toy. However, we are trying to shift to an all “experiences” philosophy when it comes to gift giving.

(not our actual toy collection)

People who have garage sales are nuts …

I have been known to occasionally search out some garages sales, especially the ones where I might find neato old bikes. But Hong decided we had too much stuff. Not really even we had too much stuff here, but actually too much stuff at her parents house. I’m not quite sure why that concerned her that much, but it did, and at some point in time I got coaxed into helping out (code for doing everything 😉 )

Now, I do think that going to garage sales can be fun. But I now think am totally sure that having a garage sale, is sort of being like tourtured in a mid-century Chinese prison. We got home and every one passed out … totally.

love all -D 😉

Summer Interruption

I hate to interrupt all of our fabulous summers with talk of schools already, but I figured that’s it’s really sort of a cloudy, gray, almost ugly, morning; that it would be alright to bring it up.
Anyone who has had an education conversation with me knows, that I feel pretty passionately about a great many things in this arena. I am hoping that you will click the above link and tell your local elected officials why education is important to you and what we can do to help get it moving in the right direction.

iPhone’s a buzz, and car free fridays

Morning all,

Don’t have a lot to report on this morning, as I am buried in my iPhone App store menu! Lot’s of nifty apps out there, and I am sure that I will have more to say about that soon. I wanted to remind everyone that, at least in my world, it’s another Car Free Friday. I also wanted to let everyone that there is some cool new stuff in the technology world happening, and that there are going to be some really nifty new features on the blog soon ….

Love all -D 😉

(BTW, If you have an iPhone, and have never gone to this site on it, you really should, it’s super cool.)

A rediculously long way to go for a hotdog …

So noon came a long on Sunday, and I was hungry for a hot dog. The thought crossed my mind to just hop in the car and zip up to Safeway, but I decided to ask Hong if she wanted to join me in a bike ride down the the waterfront, and grab a dog from the Frankfurter. She thought it was a great idea, and we hopped on our bikes and rode the 8 miles. After downing a yummy lunch, Hong said, hey we should ride to Fremont and see if there is anything good at the market. So we pedaled our way over another 4 or so miles over to Fremont via the Ballard Bridge. After taking a peak at the market we decided to bounce over to my office to fill up our water bottles. When we got there Hong said, let’s ride to Marymoor Park, the end of the Burke Gilman Trail . I said, “no way”, but she talked me into at least giving it a go … 10 or so miles later, we decided to head back for home. Managed to rack up about 45 miles via pedal power. Woo Hoo. That was a yummy hot dog. (click on the image for the interactive map)

We need more dancing

I am sure that I saw this make the rounds a week or so ago, but I didn’t actually click on and watch the video. Then this morning my good friend Jill sent it to me, and thought it would put a smile on my face.
She was right!
Watch the video and try not to smile … it’s impossible. It made me want to dance on my front steps, in line at the grocery store, heck … just about everywhere.

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

If you’d like to read all about it, you can do so here (www.wherethehellismatt.com). Enjoy & DANCE.

Colin Finlay talks about why he takes photographs

I’ve been a fan of Colin Finaly’s documentary work for quite some time. I just noticed that he has a new website up, you can find that here, but also that he has a new video describing some of the reasons this type of photography is so important to him.

I’ve often thought that if I was going to get into photography as a profession this is who I’d want to emulate. Enjoy! and have a poke around his site … he has some really powerful images there.

Wordless Wednesday

So there is a bit of a movement out there to get content up, when you really don’t have anything to say … and I’ve decided to join it. I’m going to try to participate in “Wordless Wednesday”. My plan is to put up some random picture that I have taken in the last week, usually with no words. I’ve clearly already broken the first rule of wordless wednesday, by putting words on this post, but I thought it was necessary …

4th Grade Houligans

Fight Cancer With My Bike Idol, Fatty

So, in the beginning of this year, around when I decided I needed to do something more for my weight, and health, and happiness, I started reading all sorts of Biking blogs. As I usually like to do when I have an interest in something; I devour any and all pieces of information I can get my hands on. One of the blogs I came across then was called the FATCyclist.com. Elden, better know as “Fatty” became my instant bike idol. Here was this fat guy, back on his bike; wife, kids, wicked sense of humor. I just enjoyed every word.

Not long after I started reading his blog, his wife’s cancer returned, and it was bad. We all know people affected by cancer … My Grandfather died of cancer, my good friend Jake’s mom is fighting cancer even as I type this, and now Fatty’s wife, Susan, is fighting it too. Now, If Hong got cancer, I could only imagine, that I would probably stop writing this blog … and Fatty slowed down on his a bit, but then … then he came back, and although, he is still often witty, and funny, he is incredibly honest, RAW, genuine, and just plain GREAT.

Now to the cancer fighting part … I’ll let you read the details over on Fatty’s blog post, but essentially CLICK HERE to contribute to Mike’s LiveStrong Challenge effort, and get entered to win the REALLY NICE bike. (Knowing most of you don’t want a new bike, you can go ahead and give it to me, where I promise that if I win it, I’ll auction it off, and give all of the money to the LiveStrong Foundation)
Love All, -D 😉

Really Cool Art

Alright, so if you follow this blog, or know me at all, I usually have a small amount of contempt for performance art. I don’t know why, or to what extent, I just do. That being said this is really cool. Scott (from CJ), showed this to me the other day, and I am quite sure it has made the rounds on the internets a bunch, but I am also sure some of you (mom) didn’t see it, and would really enjoy it. You can check out many other of their efforts at blublu.org.

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

L o n g days

Hiya all,

Just popping in to say hello. I have to say that I am sorry to not have posted anything in a while. I have been working ridiculous hours lately! So long! 20 hour days sometimes. Well worth it, being that we knocked the socks off our clients, but the schedule went something like 6:30am – 2:30am several days in a row. Weekends came and went, and I almost forgot what every one in my family even looked like.

We (the crew) got well past the point of tired, and through delirious, right up to the point of cracking … but we somehow got together, dug in our heels and powered through. The pic on the top is of Cody, looking crazy tired.

Just wanted to say hi, and offer a little excuse of why you haven’t heard from me in while.
Love all 🙂 D.