My Stepfather’s in Prison – Ivies vs. Inmates

So my stepfather recently spent some time in prison …

… playing chess, or at least organizing chess. John (previously mentioned step-father) brings members of the Princeton University Chess Club, to play the maximum security inmates at the Trenton State Pen.

I personally think it’s awesome, but I am sure other will have other opinions. This year the event really made all sorts of news: everything from the Huston Chronicle, to the Trentonian, (a little snippet of the article)

Afterward, John Marshall of Ewing, who with his wife Osa kindly took on the $1,500 sponsorship of the tourney after Benecard dropped out in 2006, took all six students — the others included Cameron Myhrvold’s twin brother Conner, and Sudeep Dashi of London — back out of the prison to sweet freedom and off to Princeton for lunch.

Here he is on New Jersey Public Television.

And here is the AP’s coverage, no mention of John, but a little more video, because I know what junkies you all are.

Checkmate John, Great Job!

As heard on Morning Edition, NPR, Kindergardener’s Memo to President Elect Obama

Hello All,

I was listing to morning edition this morning and heard what I think has to be the best advice given to a president-elect ever. It stands to reason that this would be great advice to all adults everywhere.

So as heard here on NPR’s Morning Edition (click “listen now” and it’s about 2 minutes into the segment.)

This is a memo to President-Elect Obama from the Kindergarten Class of Phyllis Palmer, in Essex Junction VT.

Mr President-Elect,

Please remember to be a good listener, make safe choices, organize, use kind words, protect us, be helpful, be nice, be a peace keeper, be nice to other Presidents (people), take care of our world.

And thinking of the President-Elect’s two young daughters they asked him to not forget to: read to them, play with them, sing songs to them, hug and kiss them, and bring the to work with you sometimes.

Awesome advice to all parents and adults. Get to it!

The Story of Stuff

I am sure that this has been seen by many, many people. However, I thought that with all that there is to say on the subject of stuff this would be nice background. I’d also like ot toss out there to the world the idea of showing this to at least one person that you think would benefit. It’s 20 minutes long, so do make some tea, and prepare to watch the whole thing.

The Story Of Stuff from Dartanyon Race on Vimeo.

Have a look around the Story of Stuff website, and see if you can’t find a few ways to curb your own personal consumption.

“From its extraction through sale, use and disposal, all the stuff in our lives affects communities at home and abroad, yet most of this is hidden from view. The Story of Stuff is a 20-minute, fast-paced, fact-filled look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns. The Story of Stuff exposes the connections between a huge number of environmental and social issues, and calls us together to create a more sustainable and just world. It’ll teach you something, it’ll make you laugh, and it just may change the way you look at all the stuff in your life forever.”

Amputee Bike Messengers in Afghanistan

I heard this on NPR the other day, and when I found it online, I knew I had to share it. Being a Step-Dad to an amputee and recently spending a lot of time talking to Jake about the Challenged Athletes Foundation (by the way, if you have extra money, PLEASE go give it to them), it seemed the the universe was giving me a chance to share it with as many people as I could.

Bicycle messenger Abdul Khalil leaves on his first run of the day.

“Most of the tens of thousands of people in Afghanistan who have lost legs to land mines have no way to make a living other than begging.

But one group of “mine survivors,” as the United Nations calls them, has come up with another way to feed its families. It operates a bicycle messenger service in Kabul.”


Meet Dave …

From Time.com, Original Story Here

David Chameides is not your average American. For one thing, the TV cameraman owns two Emmy awards — how many do you have? But more importantly, while the average American throws out around 1,700 lbs. of trash annually, for the past year Chameides has thrown out absolutely nothing. A deep green by nature — he also runs a website called Sustainable Dave — beginning in December Chameides decides he would keep all the garbage he created, at home and on the road, in his house. “We have the concept of throwing something away, but in reality, we’re just tossing it over our shoulder and forgetting about it,” says Chameides. “It wouldn’t be so funny if it was really just in your backyard.” (Hear Chameides talk about his trash habits on this week’s Greencast.)

It never fails, at least it hasn’t yet …

September rolls around, my birthday, favorite weather, the start of another school year, … and … a cold. Every single time Macros starts school, I get sick with in a week, and this year with Aidan and Marcos headed off to learn … I am already sick. They’ve been back at school for 3 days … and I’ve gone through an entire big box of tissues in the last 12 hours … argh.

We demand …

There were a great many themes that I really latched on to in Obama’s speech last night. Several threads resonated with me. This morning I had an email in my box from We Can Solve It I thought this was an awesome, non-partisan video that lit a little fire under my butt, and hopefully yours too.


Alki Car-Free Day – Won’t you come join me?

So when I first heard that Alki Ave might be closed one day in the summer to all car traffic, I was thrilled! So now that there is a date and time, and even a map, and a website. I invite you all to come over to our house on Sunday the 7th between 12-6PM, just make sure you come by bike, or foot, because your car can’t get here!

Let me know if you’re stopping by!

Love All -d 😉

I got to play with one before you, the Nikon D90

The Nikon D90

Yes! It’s true, and now months after it actually happened, I am permitted to talk about it. We (my co-workers and I) received a whole big bunch of Nikon D90s a couple of months ago. We basically each had a camera, and took a whole bunch of pictures testing the thing out. You can read the full on details over on Chase’s Blog, and watch the super sweet video that Cody put together.

We had a really great time playing with these things. They were amazing cameras! It even had a HD video mode! The quality when shooting at really high ISOs, was fabulous. You should definitely hop over to the gallery and check out the photos of the camera.

You can also see all of us starring in the Nikon Website (www.chasejarvisandfriends.com). That’s right folks we’re international super-stars 😉

The result of not paying attention

I had every intention of not mentioning this every again, but Jake reminded me that this is something other people might learn from so …

Okay, so as I’ve been told by my very knowledgeable friend, everyone who has a roof rack, and a bicycle, has done this, or will do this someday, so it was just my time. That made me feel a little better, but not much.

I popped my bicycle and the trailer for the boys up on the top of the Mini, got the kids in the car, and proceeded to try to head over to Queen Anne, where the boys and I were going to join Rebecca on her inaugural ride on her new road bike. You may remember that Bek was in a pretty bad accident a year of so ago, and this was not only her first ride on a road bike since that accident.

Anyway, I popped my bike, up on the roof on the Mini and proceeded to back out of my parking spot, just as I was shifting back into a forward gear … there was a horrible crash …




I managed to smack my bike right into the building … and ripped the roof rack clear off the roof. Tore the weather stripping off, carved up some plastic, and dented the roof.

There wasn’t much to do. I swore a little, and then moved the boys to Hong’s car (along with bike and trailer), and we headed off to join our friends. The damage isn’t really as bad as I first thought it was, the dent is pretty real, but might pop back out, and I think I can install the rain gutters, assuming I can get the local mini dealer to sell me the parts … live and learn.

Love all -D 😉