More Italian Adventure

Duo … Well really I should pick up right where I left off. I headed back down to my site. It hadn’t rained in a couple of hours, and I was feeling pretty good about my camp. It was a few degrees cooler than I had planned for, but lets face it, I’m pretty well insulated. I hopped into my bag and passed out, partly due to exhaustion, partly due to the vino. I really expected to be out until morning.READ MORE

Italian Adventure

As I mentioned, in a desperate search for some content, I’m going to hash up some of my summer adventures for you to read. You can stop reading now if you are one of my facebook friends, and already saw my posts from Italy in June.

I was ridiculously fortunate to be able to travel to Italy a few months ago. My friends Jake & Silvia were launching their new tour company [Alchemy Tours] and needed the help of a smart guy who could take photos, since they couldn’t find anyone respectable, they took me instead at a really good rate.READ MORE

Long Overdue

I was sitting here this morning thumbing back through some recent photos. Looking out into the overcast day, allowing my memory a little freedom, I quickly recalled that none of this summer’s events have managed to make it to my often neglected blog. I am going to spend the next couple of posts going on about some of this past summers high points and low points, but in the meantime, a brief summation … READ MORE

Avenir RainCity Panniers

If there is one thing mostly people in the country know about Seattle, is that it occasionally rains here. If you happen to ride your bike on any given day between October and May around here, you probably have yourself some sort of waterproof bag. Something to keep your goods from gettin’ all wet.READ MORE

Why I love my hammock

Eagle's Nest Outfitters ENO Double Nest in MoabLast week sometime I posted a photo somewhere [on my quickblog] of a bud relaxing in a hammock I lent him, in Moab. Since I posted that I had a bunch of folks email and ask me what hammock that was, and if I like it, and all that jazz.READ MORE

Getting back to my cycling goals - Shooting from the rough

I’m in the weeds

I’m in the weeds …

Off the reservation, got voted off the island, fell off the wagon …

Nearly any analogy that you can think of about being off the program … I’m on it.

One thing about having a goal so far away is, it affords me the time to get back on the right path; the downside is I feel like I have the time to be on the wrong path … which I don’t, not even for a single day.READ MORE

TCR – Week 2 Kathleen Turner Overdrive

One of my favorite movies is High Fidelity. I love how quirky and weird it is in places, and I guess I really like the idea of having a dialogue with myself. This first week as an esteemed member of Team Carbo Rocket, I’ve felt a little like Jack Black’s character in the movie, Barry. Near the end of the film, there is a place where he is talking to a crowd of folks about how his band is in transition …READ MORE

Rise Across Texas Challenge

This is another guest post from my friend Jake Young, in addition to everything else, he’s also a guide for Trek Travel, and recently got the pleasure of guiding for the Rise Across Texas.

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.”


Friday Fun Video – Duthie Hill

I stumbled upon this [now aged] video while working perusing the interwebs. I watched it not really know where this place was, and was only half paying attention to the words, at the end I popped “Duthie Hill” in the googler, and was astonished to find out it’s right here! Just outside of Seattle. Realizing that there is such a sweet training ground, just a hop skip and a jump from my house, really makes me want to start Mtn biking!READ MORE

TCR: On My Path – Intentional Exercise

I’ve got 28 weeks to be ready to attack my goal. It may be the most lead time that anyone on the team has. My goal in case you have forgotten, is to have a podium finish in a cyclocross race. Not an easy thing to do in these parts, but none of my teammates challenges are easy either. The fact that I have teammates, supporters, and all of the followers to be accountable to, I’m sure will only serve to continue to motivate us.READ MORE

Team Carbo Rocket: At the Start

In case you haven’t heard, or haven’t read up, here, or here; Team Carbo Rocket has formed up, and in the end … I MADE THE TEAM !!! I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am, or how honored, or how thankful I feel. I got the word while we were shooting earlier this week in Palm Springs, and it’s been all I can think about. READ MORE

Team CarboRocket 2010

First things first, I’d like to congratulate all of the members of the 2010 Team CarboRocket. I have no doubt that you will overcome your obstacles and kick butt in the names of all of those who applied.

Here is Team CarboRocket for 2010 in no particular order and 5 men and 5

1. Drew Darnel
2. Christine McBride
3. David Visschedyk
4. Lisa Serao
5. Jeremiah Prater
6. Mary Reynolds
7. Rob Thompson
8. Jen Joy
9. Brett Ringger
10. Sheryl Sturgess

To read the full story of how Brad narrowed down the field of over 150 applicants check out his blog post. I got a DM on twitter this morning that said I had made it into the final 12 (a HUGE honor by the way.) but as described on Brad’s post …

I still had over 12 men with equal qualifying scores so it came down to a dart throw on my part for the men.

… and I didn’t make it passed the dart throw (which seems like it would have been obvious, my name isn’t cut out for darts … now if there had been a sword fight …) Unfortunately, for Brad, his message left a little sliver of hope for me to cling to, and I decided to mount a small scale social media blitz on him. Thanks to my twitter and facebook friends, who threw at least 20 or so messages to him, encouraging him to put me on the team. Alas, it seems for now, I’m going to be just a supporter.

So what does having my hopes and dreams crushed not being included on the team right now mean to my effort?

Stay tuned … I’m just getting started.

It’s going to hopefully end up better than it did for this guy.

Friday Fun Film: Signal Cycles Cyclocross

I realize that this is basically an advertisement, but it sure is a sexy one. Just all the best kinds of bike goodness. Take 3 minutes and enjoy.

[props to Benji Wagner on the short film]

Signal Cycles are handmade in Portland Oregon by Matt Cardinal and Nate Meschke. All frames are made to measure, one at a time, one of a kind. The Signal cyclocross team may be new this year, but we are not new to cross. Cyclocross represents the best of competitive bicycle racing, riders push themselves and their equipment through adverse conditions, fans yell and ring bells to show their support. The atmosphere is electric, the fun is contagious. We love cyclocross!