Sometimes it’s the little “i” things

Ya know … I sit in front of a very spendy computer, working on really spendy programs … Photoshop and Final Cut Studio and the likes. We have thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of cameras … Sometimes though, there is a certain joy in an iMac, iMovie, and a silly little point and shoot camera.

Brothery Love

Wow, what a perfect title for today’s entry … Dylan, my brother for those who don’t know, just wrapped up a whirlwind weekend here in Seattle, from Atlanta. We had a grand old time hanging out! On Saturday we went to a local string shop, he’s a violin maker. Dylan got to chatting with some of the folks over there (and even manged to talk them into selling his instruments). One of the things he was talk to them about was the state of orchestras in this country, and had mentioned by name the Philadelphia Orchestra. Well Dylan left today … and nearly right on cue, this article was brought to my attention about that very same orchestra … brotherly love, and and the orchestra from the city of brotherly love … Dylan I had a great visit, wish it could have been longer.

Tuesday morning ramblings

I don’t know how many people read this blog … I would guess, from the fact that no one has ever clicked the comment link at the bottom of any of the posts, that the answer would be – very few.  I had a vision of targeting this vast number of people, and bringing together my family and friends; dozens of comments per post, and a near Utopian online gathering place …

So today, Tuesday morning, I am working in my office, a nice little space by the way.  Pushing pixels around and getting some images together for one of our stock agencies.  I am wearing Khakis and a polo shirt and my comfy shoes.  What are YOU doing?

So, to that end, I implore you.  Leave a comment on this post and tell me about your Tuesday …

I only wish I could do this …

DINNER was the usual affair on Thursday night in Apartment 9F in an elegant prewar on Lower Fifth Avenue. There was shredded cabbage with fruit-scrap vinegar; mashed parsnips and yellow carrots with local butter and fresh thyme; a terrific frittata; then homemade yogurt with honey and thyme tea, eaten under the greenish flickering light cast by two beeswax candles and a fluorescent bulb.

A sour odor hovered oh-so-slightly in the air, the faint tang, not wholly unpleasant, that is the mark of the home composter. Isabella Beavan, age 2, staggered around the neo-Modern furniture — the Eames chairs, the brown velvet couch, the Lucite lamps and the steel cafe table upon which dinner was set — her silhouette greatly amplified by her organic cotton diapers in their enormous boiled-wool, snap-front cover.

A visitor avoided the bathroom because she knew she would find no toilet paper there.

Read the whole NY Times Story here.

Firefox Anyone

I am not sure how many of you reading this are of the geeky type, but If you are … ignore this post, because you probably already know. Firefox is the coolest web browser out there …

First of all … tabs. Do you like looking at multiple things at the same, or nearly same time? Do you think that have a bunch of windows open is annoying or silly. Get Firefox. A bunch of tabs just across the top of you ONE window !

Second, Themes, Add-On, and all of that stuff. No doubt VERY customizable. Change you mood, change your theme, it’s just that easy.

Lastly, and the inspiration for the post. This morning I found out that you could actually open multiple tabs as YOUR HOMEPAGE ! Just put a | inbetween two web address, and viola, done. Everytime you open firefox get a few tabs that are your favorite things. So Cool!

Relaxing -or- Has Spring … Sprung?

So … I think that the best thing I have heard this week is … “That it has been a long winter.” It was uttered in reference to a whole lot of things going on, in a whole lot of people’s lives but as Yesterday came in with Sunshine & 68 degrees here in Seattle, I think that Spring may have sprung. I hope it to be the case. I hope that flowers will be blooming soon, and that your days will end in beautiful sunsets.

Chase’s blog has a nice entry about relaxing and slowing down these days.

Monday’s Fun

On Monday we went up to the mountains shooting. We were taking some photos in this gorgeous 1.6 million dollar house. Damn … if someone wanted an idea for my birthday …

Anyway, it had dropped about 14″ the night before, and was snowing on and off all day.

New Site

The new site is coming along swimmingly. I have decided to go with this slightly different blogging format in order to facilitate uploading entries from anywhere. Hong says that as long as she can see the picture, she doesn’t care what software I use.

Cute Pic

Cute BoysThe little lady took a really nice picture of the boys last weekend and I just wanted to share it with everyone.

Ahh Blogging

So this is the first part in the migration of my new web site. It seems like I change the whole layout every few months … and I think that I do. I just think that I find new things that inspire me and I have to make changes … Maybe it’s just that I am never satisfied, and hard to please … you pick.