Day of birth

Thank You all for the great birthday wishes !!!!I had a wonderful day, yummy breakfast, great dinner, good friends and well wishes from all. Here is to another year!!!

désespérément accablé

  • … speeding down a steep hill in a car with no brakes.
  • … seeing the wall of snow approach.
  • … knowing you can’t stop the car before you crash into the back of that car.
  • I suppose the “désespérément” might be a little exessive, but I don’t know a less expressive french word to get the point across. Sometimes, the odds just seem insurmountable, and there is no reset button, or switch, or even pause, to just gather your breath.

    George Orwell once said,

    “For the ordinary man is passive. Within a narrow circle (home life, and perhaps the trade unions or local politics) he feels himself master of his fate, but against major events he is as helpless as against the elements. So far from endeavoring to influence the future, he simply lies down and lets things happen to him”

    I am really trying not to let things “happen” to me, they just seem to, well … sorta … happen. For the 2 people reading this … send some inspiration … please.

New Look …

Speant the morning switching up my site a bit … I decided that the dark look was making everything feel a little heavy, so I’ve lightened things up a bit. It was also an exercise on my part to test out some of my newly aquired CSS skills. If you don’t know what that is, and have a few seconds go and read about it here. There really isn’t much new in the content area … but I was entertaining the idea of moving the photos portion over to flickr …. any thoughts?

-Love all.

That school before school …

Today welcomes Aidan to the world of collaborative, and collective learning. Today was his first day of pre-school! What you might not quite be able to tell from this picture, is that he apparently had a great time. Hong says that when she dropped him off, he barley even said good-bye, much to her dismay. My they get old fast …

“We cannot do great things on this Earth, only small things with great love.” -Mother Theresa

Wow, no blog … blog.

Hello World! Wow, long time no blog. I must start out by apologizing for my lengthy absence. It has been a whirlwind month. We started out with a gratuitous stay at Children’s Hospital. Marcos had a spinal de-tethering surgery. Then our PTA presidency kicked into full swing. Followed by the first day of school; more PTA business; more hospital time; and yet even more PTA stuff. I have put up a website for Dylan’s new business, Race Orchestral Strings. And made a great many changes to our school website too.

I know, no excuse to leave my loyal readership (both of you), but it happened, and I will try not to let it happen again.

Who’s list? Dean’s list !

Hong just received a letter today recognizing her academic efforts for the spring semester.  She has been named to the Dean’s List.  She’s finishing up her degree online, on her way to a Early Childhood Education degree.  Great Job Baby!  I am sure that I will be writing another post like this at the end of this quarter!

Oskar’s brother

Well it seems that Dylan and Katie are parents again. Which makes me an uncle again. Which of course makes Osa a mormor again. Oskar has a new brother named Soren Vincent Race. Born at 9:39 PM on August 4th in Ithaca. Weighed in at a healthy 7lbs 14ozs. Reported by Osa as, “Good lungs, sweet gurgles, alert eyes, head of hair and beautiful.”

Aidan’s Birthday Party !

Aidan celebrated his birthday in grand style on Saturday. We welcomed family and friends to the beach near our house for an old fashion beach party. We thank all of those who were able to join us, and missed those that weren’t. There are a couple of photo galleries with some pictures from our celebration.

The grand rents …

Meem & Pop came in to town on Sunday night of this past week. I wasn’t able to do anything with them Monday during the day, but was fortunate enough to have dinner with them that night, along with cousin Betty and some friends of theirs who are recent transplants from Ohio. I was lucky enough to get off from work on Tuesday and Wednesday and we certainly did enjoy our time with them. As with most visits from family it seems, it wasn’t at all long enough. We barely even had time to snap any pics … did get a few though and they can be found here. Hopefully our next meeting will not be too far off in the future, and will be for a much longer time.

Tennis anyone ?

Hong and I have plaeyed tennis everyday this week! For absolutley no less than one hour a day. Now, first let me preface this by saying that I am NOT a good tennis player, and that I truely do feel really bad for Hong. She has been running all over the place. That out of the way, I certainly do think that I am getting better !!! Hopefully the scales tomorrow morning will agree with me! I even managed to get Cody amd Kate to go with me to the courts and hit a few balls around, in our flip flops. If anyone had some extra dough, and just wanted to buy me something nice, I really like these “classic” Adidas.

I have funny friends

Black Daisy Will Make You Laugh, but They’re Not Comedians

Lisa Cloutier



Black Daisy DVD Release Party

w/Patton Oswalt’s Werewolves & Lollipops CD/DVD release
Mon July 9, Chop Suey, 8 pm, free, 21+.

oltage Periscope, Seattle’s nu-metal heroes, have a slick new video on their MySpace page. Lead singer Byron “the Siren” Sexton, braided goatee dangling six inches off his chin like a noose, wails, his vocals cracked and hurt, “All this time and pain are bearing down on me!” Rapper Tyson Bates takes over: “This democracy is a hypocrisy! The world is changing? Yeah, just grab my cock and see!”

The music is so ferociously dumb, it’s funny.

“Rap metal is just how we express ourselves artistically,” Sexton scowls, blowing Marlboro fumes. “I don’t care if it’s popular or not. What are you, a hipster?”

Then he laughs and says, “Can we start over?”


iPhone hype | updated

UPDATE 9:18AM One Day Later —–

The iPhone is EVERYTHING I hoped it would be, accept for one thing …. It is actaully smaller and more beautiful than I thought. I will leave the reviews to the people that actually do those things, but know, that I REALLY like mine!

Here are some media links ….

My Flickr Photos

UPDATE 5:17PM —–

Everyone is starting to get up and out of their seats …. I have some nice video to upload….

UPDATE 1:29PM —–

So far … let me see … we have gotten free coffee from Apple, Free Vitamin Water from Apple, free choclates from Fran, free lifesavers from MacS.O.S. and free cobbler from Starbucks. It 1:30, there are now about 160 people in line ….

UPDATE 8:35AM —–

We are officially numbers 66 & 67.

UPDATE 8:05AM —–

So …. Cody and I are nuts … We are sitting in front of our local Apple Store. We ARE going to wait 10 Hours to get our iPhones … Best part, not only getting for at no cost to us … but, getting paid to be here! I LOVE my job.

What’s the deal with RSS and why you should be using it

What is RSS? A description in plain English.

A wise blog reader once said, “There are two types of Internet users. Those who use RSS feeds, and those who don’t.” It’s true. Once you grasp how useful RSS feeds are, it changes the way you keep updated online.

The problem is, if you aren’t already in the know, no one seems able to clearly explain what RSS is all about. Most descriptions becomes so convoluted that it leaves the uninitiated more lost than they started.

That’s why I love this simple, unassuming 3-minute video. With a whiteboard, a pen, and a fun casual style, Lee LeFever does the best job I’ve seen describing RSS in easy plain English.

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