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Woodsman and the Sea | Another Timeless Weekend
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Another Timeless Weekend

And when I say timeless, I mean, I can’t remember where the time went.  I spent all day Saturday playing with Hong and the boys.  It’s the first Saturday all of us have been home in 8 weeks.  It was so nice just to have everyone together, with no where to be.  It was a must needed “reset”.  Sunday was spent at the A.R.S. (see my previous post) 13 hours.  Did I say 13 hours?  Oh, yes, I did.  Geeze … that’s a long time … somewhere around 11 hours, I finally passed that point where you are so tired, that your body goes into survival mode and you suddenly have boundless energy … and that turned up meaning that there was no way I was going to fall asleep last night.  Oh well.

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