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Woodsman and the Sea | A rediculously long way to go for a hotdog …
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A rediculously long way to go for a hotdog …

So noon came a long on Sunday, and I was hungry for a hot dog. The thought crossed my mind to just hop in the car and zip up to Safeway, but I decided to ask Hong if she wanted to join me in a bike ride down the the waterfront, and grab a dog from the Frankfurter. She thought it was a great idea, and we hopped on our bikes and rode the 8 miles. After downing a yummy lunch, Hong said, hey we should ride to Fremont and see if there is anything good at the market. So we pedaled our way over another 4 or so miles over to Fremont via the Ballard Bridge. After taking a peak at the market we decided to bounce over to my office to fill up our water bottles. When we got there Hong said, let’s ride to Marymoor Park, the end of the Burke Gilman Trail . I said, “no way”, but she talked me into at least giving it a go … 10 or so miles later, we decided to head back for home. Managed to rack up about 45 miles via pedal power. Woo Hoo. That was a yummy hot dog. (click on the image for the interactive map)

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