20 years of sunsets

20 or so years ago, sitting with my meme (that’s grandmother for those of you not in the know), and Dylan, perched 25 feet or so above Sandusky Bay, my meem said to us, “I love sunsets.  Will you boys do something for me?”  We both immeadiately said yes.  She said, “Will you think of me, everytime you see a sunset?  No matter where you are, no matter where I am?”

Over the years, I have developed an affinity for sunsets.  I have my favorites … not always the vibrant and full sunsets.  Sometimes it’s the “quiet” sunsets, I like the best.  The ones that only have a fleeting moment of rare beauty.  I often stop as the light begins to fade whereever I am, and look west.  Looking for that moment of mysterious light, the one that inspires calm, and peace.  Invariably, I think of my meem.I have seen thousands of sunsets, all over the map, and I have always thought of my meem. 

She may not know that I am thinking of her, but I am.  I know she is thinking of me too.

I gotta go call her.Love All.  D  🙂


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